Swimmers of the Month March & April


Age Group 1
What can I say, this boy is awesome! He is always ready for a challenge. Tudor has only been swimming with us for a few months and has come a long way. I cant’ wait to see him at our next meet! Don’t forget your goggles, Tudor! You’re doing great! Keep it up!
Watch out! Here comes Shannon. This girl might look little, but she has a big outlook on swimming! Shannon has only been practicing with us for a couple of weeks, and has already swam in her first meet. She did a wonderful job swimming those long races. Keep up the awesome work! We are all very proud of you!
Age Group 2 / Junior 1
March - Anthony Chew
Anthony has shown major improvement in each of his strokes.  His willingness to implement new techniques is really starting to show and I can't wait to see the results of more efficient swimming throughout the summer meets!  He also often shares lanes with the younger swimmers and has proven himself to be a great lane leader who always knows what the set is, what the interval is, and what the technical focus of the set is.  Anthony is a great example not only for the new, younger additions, but for all the kids in our group!
April - Aris Jernigan
Despite being busy becoming a professional baseball player, Aris has made huge strides in her new group.  She is always striving to keep up with the older kids in the group, yet responds exceptionally well to any stroke correction.  Her multiple activities means Aris has a very busy schedule to deal with, however she always arrives on deck with a smile and runs to the side of the pool to ask what she should do.  She was the first of our new additions brave enough to swim the whole hour and a half, and the extra time she is putting in is certainly beginning to show as she is already keeping up with the older kids in most of the sets.

Junior 2 / Pre-Senior
March – Stephanie Chen
Mark’s pick for Swimmer of the Month for March goes to Stephanie Chen. Stephanie, a freshman at Moreau High School, is having a great season so far both at high school and at USA swim meets. Stephanie has really come a long way since joining EBAT almost two years ago. Her great attitude and no-nonsense work ethic has made her quite the competitor at meets and at practice. She always seems so sweet and nice out of the water, its hard to imagine how she gets so fierce when in the water racing. Great job, Stephanie! Keep up the great efforts!
April – Jason Corbett
            Mark’s pick for Swimmer of the Month for April goes to Jason Corbett. Jason is a Junior at Castro Valley High and is swimming very well right now. He’s been getting best times at these high school dual meets, which is very rare for year-round swimmers. Maybe it’s because he is now a licensed driver, or maybe it’s because he thinks he’s a sprinter now. Whatever it is, he is going to have a great HAAL championship meet as well as a great NCS meet. That should catapult him into the summer and qualify him for sectionals either in a relay or individually. Great job, Jason! Keep up the efforts.