October/November Newsletter

NNA News

NNA. As we continue with the fall swim season, our schedule will remain consistent with only a few changes noted below in the upcoming events.

Please take a look at the schedules and let me know if you have any questions.

The upcoming NNA events for the remainder of the fall season will be listed below on the schedule and underlined.  These events will need volunteers from our team to help run smoothly.

The 2017 Team Halloween party will be held at the Sullivans’ house again this year.  A special thank you to them for being so generous and allowing us to hold the function there.

A huge shout out goes to Veronica Harmon for being named Pacific Swimming Zone 4 official of the year.  Thank you for helping make the meets run smoothly and efficiently!  Veronica is also the NNA team representative for NNA in Pacific swimming Zone 4.  And not to be outdone, Garry Nilsson was named Pacific Swimming Zone 4 new official of the year.  Although not quite a rookie, his dedication and help have been invaluable to helping our team.  Thank you both!

Please help out the team by becoming an official.  We need more to help out athletes.  If you have any questions, please ask Veronica Harmon about upcoming clinics and events.


Meet and Events Recap:

As always, full results are available on our web sit when they are available under the News tab.

Molly Lahlum meet in Douglas

Results up on our web site.

Tahoe Truckee Beat the Freeze Meet

First meet at the new pool in Truckee.  Full results up on our web site

House of Delegates meeting for Pacific Swimming

We had great team participation this year.  6 of our officials and coaches and even our two team athlete representatives were phoned in.

King of the Hill meet in Carson

Results up soon.  I was pleased to see how united our team looked.  Great job everyone.

NNA Novice Meet October 21st in Carson

We are going to try to host a swim meet in Carson for our annual Halloween Novice meet.  We will need some volunteers to help out.  Please email Jorie at to help out.  If you think you would like to swim in the meet, please enter to Jorie asap.  Thanks.

Nevada State Championships

Due to us having a large and strong team.  All swimmers will be allowed to swim at least relays at the meet.  Please follow the link on the email to order your shirts.  Please email Erik asap your entries.  We have to enter as a team and Erik will send them all in together.

Burn off the Bird Endurance Challenge

We are hosting an Endurance Challenge this year for a fall fundraiser.  Hands for Life will be sponsoring our event where athletes can do a 10k, 7.5k, or 5k.  I would like all swimmers to participate and all families to help volunteer.  You can sign up on our web site


Upcoming Events

We have some important upcoming events for September and throughout the fall.

  1. October 21st.  NNA Novice meet in Carson.  Deck entries accepted.
  2. No practice Saturday October 21st due to the NNA swim meet.
  3. October 28th.  Team Halloween Party.
  4. November 9-12th.  Nevada State Swimming Championships in Carson City.  Please get your entries to Erik by October 20th.  He will enter everyone as a team.
  5. No practices November 9th-12th due to the Nevada State Swim Meet.
  6. November 23rd and 24th.  No practice due to City of Reno Pools being closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  7. November 25th.  Saturday.  Practice is changed to 2pm instead of 10am.  We will be hosting the inaugural Burn off the Bird Endurance Challenge at Northwest pool.  Please plan on coming and participating.

For questions about your swimmer, feel free to ask your coach!