First Day --> Swim Team Expectations

Welcome to a the 2021-2022 Short Course Season with Delta Aquatics Swim Team!

What to Expect from your Coaches:
Your swim team experience should be filled with improvement in the water and a whole lot of fun! There will be numerous opportunities to compete and improve. Our focus will be on each swimmers improvement in the sport while making their experience enjoyable. The bottom line is if you are not getting any better it won't be very much fun.

You can expect the coaches to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and communicate clearly with you and your swimmers. Coaches will also be role models and demonstrate good character. We will provide swimmers with individual attention, sound swimming technique and race strategy.

Parent Expectations:
As coaches we ask that you adhere to one simple policy; Let the coaches do the coaching.

At meets --> Your role as a parent is best filled by being an encourager of your athlete. Please leave criticism and race feedback to the coaches. We will ask that each swimmer come and talk to us before and immediately after each race for feedback. Additional or differing feedback from parents can confuse your athlete about how they should swim, or what they need to be working on. Along those lines we also ask that you communicate directly with us if you have any questions, concerns, or even compliments. Please feel free to ask questions, and inform us of your child's needs or circumstances. Good communication allows us as parents and coaches to help each swimmer in a more appropriate capacity and allow the kids to better enjoy their swimming experience.

Swimmer Expectations:
Come to practice willing to learn, work hard, and have fun. Please be prepared with the right equipment; suit, goggles, and possibly a cap. While swimming definitely focuses on the individual, it is still a team sport. Team spirit, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude are essential. Keep in mind that you will get what you give. Improvement is directly proportionate to your attendance at practice.

Behavior Standards:
It is a privilege to participate in organized sports, as with any privilege come responsibilities. These are your responsibilities as a swimmer for Delta Aquatics. At meets and practice your behavior should exemplify sportsmanship, class, and respect at all times, especially during team cheers. You actions should not be offensive, insulting, or condescending to anyone, including other swimmers, parents, coaches, or officials. It is important to realize that as a team we have an image in the community, the city, the league, and the state. This means that you must always be aware of how your actions and language will affect this image. At practice you must come prepared to work hard, expand your comfort level, and try new things that can help you become a better swimmer. You must keep in mind that you are now a part of something that is greater than yourself. Others are depending on your talents, and actions to help us all become better as a TEAM. 

See you at the pool! 
Your Delta Coaches