Clippers Represented At Nashville Marathon -update

Congratulations to all of the coaches and parents that ran the Country Music Marathon today in Nashville. We are very proud of all who took on the challenge of running this big race. Everybody that went completed the run. Please make sure you congratulate all of those who ran today when you see them next. Check out below those who ran.
Also back on April 21st we had Coach Torre Hinken and swim parent Jennifer Summe take on the 112th Boston Marathon. This is the same course that was used just the day before as the Olympic trial course. Both Torre and Jennifer finished the entire marathon in a blazing 3 hour 26 minutes. 
If you know of somebody else that ran either of these races and they are linked to the team please let Coach Jason know. Also if you are planning on running the Flying Pig please let me know. We are proud of our parents and coaches.  

John Hinken - Full Marathon (Top Male Clipper finisher) 3 hours 28 minutes
Sue Heist - Full Marathon (Top Female finisher) 4 hours 20minutes
Alex Lentsch - 1/2 Mararthon (Top Male Clipper finisher) 2 hours 7 minutes
Sherry Lentsch - 1/2 Marathon(Top Female Clipper finisher) 2 hours 7 minutes

Marathon Runners                              
Melissa Meyer
Julie Smith
Rhonda Goodpaster
Sue Heist
Chad Rehkamp
John Hinken

1/2 Marathon Runners
Lisa Harkrader
Sherry Lentsch
Francis Aiken
Bonita Bolin
Paula Crail
Kirsten Finley
Braden Smith 
Alex Lentsch