Langley Invitational Review

The Langley Invitational was a big step forward with our swimmers racing at a high level for this early in the season throughout the meet. Most of our swimmers had grueling schedules racing four events each day and many of them racing their events twice in both preliminaries and finals. Mid-distance events were the main focus as the swimmers in Excel and Challenge swam most of the 200m and 400m events. After next weekend a lot of swimmers will have swam 14-17 of the 17 possible events. 

We had a number of first time swims at the meet. Congratulations to: Sarah did her first 200m Breaststroke and 200m Backstroke! Keala now has raced the 400m Individual Medley. Meghan, Tessa and Tiger all raced the 100m Butterfly for the first time. Jonathan had a strong first 200m Breaststroke. Tyler who swam his first 400m Freestyle in a great time. Natalie who raced the 400m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley for the first time and made finals in the 400m IM so even got her second time in at the meet!

This meet was more of a training meet but we had some spectacular early season swims! Morgan sped to a best time of 27.62 in the 50m Freestyle, breaking 28 for the first time and just after racing her best 200m Butterfly a few minutes before. Quincy had an all round great meet but the big breakthrough was her 2:13.23 in the 200m Freestyle! We focus on training for this event but not many swimmers have figured it out yet, the 200m Freestyle needs to be much closer to 100m Freestyle than to the 400m Freestyle. Hopefully a few more 200m Freestyle swims are going to reach our training speeds soon! Sidney raced 15 times over the weekend, 3200m of racing between heats and finals. Sid raced to best times in all but one of her events and consistently improved from her preliminary events by listening to feedback and making adjustments. Josh, Lucas and Natalie also had well rounded meets taking off time in every stroke and really showing their work in practice. Keala had a swim-off in the 50m Freestyle and dropped over a second off her time to a 32.12, second swims are always opportunities to go fast! Meghan had a great 200m Breaststroke for her first SwimBC Tier I time! Both Avery and Sophie were back racing to pre-injury speed after being limited in their training over the past few months. Avery also had a fantastic 200m Freestyle dropping five seconds, and going out faster than she did in the 100m Freestyle! Alayna broke 3:00 for the first time in the 200m Freestyle after dropping 16 seconds from her previous best! Jonathan had a huge drop in his 200m Individual Medley with a time of 3:33.67! Jessica was very impressive throughout the meet but her biggest swim was breaking 2:50 in the 200m Breaststroke for the first time! Tyler had a lot of big drops and joined the under 30sec club for the 50m Freestyle for the first time with a time of 29.10! Josh also broke 30 for the first time finishing with a 29.35!

Overall this meet is meant to set up swimmers at our next two competitions Hyack and Pointe-Claire (or Chilliwack) where we will focus in at practice to fine tune racing strategies and technique over the next month. Lots of good racing and our swimmers are really starting to implement some of our racing strategies that we work on in training.  

100% Best Times
Jonathan R

75+% Best Times
Quincy B, Sidney C, Josh D, Meghan H, Alayna M, Lucas O, Kourosh S, Jessica S, Tyler W, Natalie Y

New Team Records
13-14 Girls
50m Freestyle – 27.62 – Morgan Bender (was Quincy Bender 28.04 2017)
200m Freestyle – 2:13.23 – Quincy Bender (was Morgan Bender 2:15.19 2017)
100m Backstroke - 1:09.36 - Jessica Strong (was April Barnes 1:11.19 2013)
200m Backstroke - 2:32.02 - Jessica Strong (was April Barnes 2:34.35 2013)
100m Breaststroke – 1:16.43 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 1:16.73 2016)
400m Individual Medley – 5:28.14 – Quincy Bender (was Avery Kirstiuk 5:30.88 2016)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Tier I Championships
Sidney Clement                 100m Butterfly
Meghan Haigh                   200m Breaststroke
Tyler Winsborrow            50m Freestyle

SwimBC Tier II Championships
Morgan Bender                200m Butterfly
Quincy Bender                  100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke, 400m Individual Medley
Jessica Strong                    100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly, 400m Individual Medley