Thank you
Once again FAST hosted a successful meet this weekend.  Thank you to each of you who volunteered to showcase the Janet Evans Pool Complex, and the tradition of FAST as one of the best host teams in Southern California. 
Thanking everyone is difficult but a special thanks to three individuals. 
Kate Chavez who worked in Hospitality for possibly her last meet as Jackie will be off to college next year.  Thank you Kate for all your work and support to continue FAST's tradition of great hospitality.  
Ana!  How great is Ana!  Homemade salsa, unbelievable breakfast burritos and the tacos are amazing.   Thank you Ana for your great energy and helping take the FAST snack bar to new levels! 
Stacy Clary for handling the meet processing internally rather than having to hire a third party.  It is a long tedious job and your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
The next FAST hosted meet is June 4-6.  Each FAST family is encouraged to volunteer and be a part of the continued tradition of FAST and the great meets FAST hosts. 
Thank you to each FAST family for your continued support of FAST.
Bill Jewell
COO / Head Coach