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NES' Diversity Initiative: get info now!

New England Swimming’s “Off the Block” – Breakout Performance

Join USA & New England Swimming in efforts to achieve the vision of creating and maintaining an environment which is free from participation barriers for persons from all cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This as an inclusion initiative to diversify swimming, and swimmers from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend.

What, Where and When:

Our initial effort, Off the Block” is to have A New England All Star Team attend the National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet, held in Cary North Carolina on May 28 – 31, 2010 (Memorial Day Weekend). SANCTION: Held under the Approval of USA Swimming, Inc., issued by North Carolina Swimming, Inc. Approval # NC10043AP.

Meet information

An Invitation for YOU!

N.E – USA Coaches and Swimmers are cordially invited to attend the National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet. If you are interested in attending as representative of N.E. All Stars, a deadline of April 20th for commitment is required. We welcome parents of swimmers interested in attending with a desire to participate as a volunteer (i.e. timers, officials, Meet marshals, Meet referees etc.). In support of coaches and swimmers N.E.S. is considering a proposed reimbursement/financial uniform support.

Additional Details:

Once the team and its coaches have been decided upon, practices will be established so that the team will be able to practice and become familiar with their teammates. More cost, travel dates and logistical details available upon inquiry.

Desired outcomes = Break out Performance:

Other LSC’s have All Star teams attending this meet. Swimmers have bonded and encouraged one another Coaches have developed a network across LSC’s. Swimmers have enjoyed attending meets more as they have established relationships with other swimmers that they wouldn’t have had were it not for this experience. This happens to swimmers and parents alike. Imagine the tremendous experiences gain for our LSC’s swimmers and coaches from all backgrounds.

For Mentees:

 Increase desire of non-registered swimmers to become registered

 Those already registered increase their engagement to the sport

 Enhances skill and knowledge

 Gain clearer understanding of how their developmental needs can be aligned with there

team and NES Swimming overall

 Receive useful, timely coaching and feedback

For Mentors:

 Grow and develop as a Coach

 Enhance ability to develop others from different backgrounds and experience as

leaders within NES

 Expand understanding of the contribution of Inclusion and Diversification of the sport

We look forward to Coaches and Swimmers participation in this event that’s sure to be a Break out Performance.

For More info. And to sign-up - Contact:

Nadine J.-Jesionek –