Update on Kyle's New Junior National Cut At Far Westerns

There has been some question as to the accuracy of my previous news article about Kyle being the first person swimming currently to reach a Junior Nationals cut in the Northern Nevada Area. 

This is true.

NCSA, or the National Club Swimming Association, as we all know formed the NSCA Junior National meet after United States Swimming canceled the old USA Swimming Junior National swim meet.  NCSA is a non-profit organization that decided to capitalize on the Junior Nationals name.

Anyone can put on a meet and call it whatever they want and put up whatever time standards they want, but it is still not a true USA swimming time standard meet.  That is why their meet time standards are not published in a proper USA swimming guide.

Kyle DID become the First and only current swimmer to reach a USA Swimming Junior Nationals cut.  It is officially recognized and anyone who knows the history of USA Swimming knows how the NCSA Junior Nationals swim meet was formed and how little it means.