December News



We are going to have a few new events coming up at the end of this year.

Carson Tigersharks will be having an end of the year NOVICE MEET December 22nd at the Carson pool.  This would be a great chance for all of you to get another swim in before 2018 starts.

There will also be a slightly different practice schedule for the vacation break.

Practice Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


December 22nd Regular Practices.  Carson Novice meet


December 23rd Regular Practice 10-12 Norhtwest

December 24th 

No Practice Christmas Eve

December 25th 

No Practices Christmas Day

December 26th 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

December 27th 

Northwest 5:00--6:30pm Only

December 28th 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

December 29th 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

December 30th 

Northwest 10am-12pm

December 31st 

No Practice New Years Eve

January 1st 

No Practice New Years Day

January 2nd 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

January 3rd 

Northwest 5;00-6:30pm Only

January 4th 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

January 5th 

Northwest 5:00-6:30pm Only

January 6th 

Northwest 10am-12pm 

January 7th 

Northwest 10am-12pm

January 8th -- 

Back to Normal (Jr/Sr group Training Camp



Lastly, remember to order all your online shopping tbnrough and Northern Nevada Aquatics as you non profit of choice.  If you would like to chose to donate to some needy families and swimmers, we are still collecting through our web site under "Team" and then 'Donation' tabs.  We will be giving aid to the families of the California fires and some local families in need.

Thank you,