recap of December meets

Special recap of December happenings:

I started on this a couple of weeks ago, and finally had time to finish it. There were multiple meets in December…’s a recap.

First Junior Nationals. . .

Junior Nationals is an extremely high level of swimming. Qualifying for Juniors puts you in the top ¾ of 1% of swimmers in the US. We had 3 swimmers who attended. Danielle Nowaski, Carlson Temple, and Mitchell Stoddard. The competition at this level is fierce and strenuous with the overall percentage of best times at the meet usually in the 25-30% range.

Although the indoor pool was a great venue that protected us from the 20 degree weather outside, it did present a different kind of air that, if you’re not used to it, can be a little bit of a challenge itself.

We definitely struggled the first two days with only 1 best time out of 9 swims. Two of those non-bests were only .02 and .03 away from a best, but still not quite there. The swimmers kept a positive outlook and rallied on the final day with 5 bests out of 6 swims, to come to a total of 6 bests out of 15 swims. Mitchell led the way with 3 bests, and Carlson finished 10th in the 200 Breast bettering his team record with a 2:00.5.


CAST C meet

While away at Juniors, I thought I had prepared for anything by having multiple meetings before I left with different CAST people who were going to be in charge of things at the C meet. The day before the meet, we heard that the north county fire had caused the close of Palomar Junior College pool where the north C meet was to be held. The immediate solution of the north people was to possibly combine with our meet.The possibility of our meet suddenly going from 200 swimmers to 400+ was really stressful, and definitely not one of the things I had planed for.

As things developed, thankfully, it turned out that most of the north county teams decided to just cancel rather than re-route to Granite Hills with less than 24 hours to switch pools.

From all of the feedback I received, we had a wonderful crew of helpers who ran the meet smoothly, and we were able to accommodate a few of the north county swimmers. It was great to see some back and forth praise happening on our facebook page after the meet..

A big thanks to all who helped!


WAG meet:

This meet is a great test for mid short course season. Unfortunately the meet ran to finals week for more than 2/3 of the swimmers. This meant some of our swimmers didn’t compete at all, many of our swimmers competed on Saturday only, and some for just Saturday and Sunday. Even with limited participation we had some incredible swimming.

Here are some highlights:

Overall: 80 bests out of 142 swims, 5 new team records.

Greyson Davies: 11 bests, 3 team records, 1 event win, 1 new sect’l cut. Keegan Debever: 2 bests and new JO cut in 400 IM. Kai Frawley great fight through a goggle mishap in the 200 br. Tytan Frawley: 2 best times. Maya Garcia-Hale 10 best times. 5 top 16 finishes. Camryn Gonzales 2 best times. Jordyn Gonzales 3 best times. Luna Hernandez 2 for 2 bests, both JO cuts. Shelby Johnston 4 bests, 2 top 16 finishes. Mckenzie Kelly: 3 top 16 finishes. Jeffrey Keppler: 2 bests, 3 top 16 finishes. Eli Mohr 1 for 1 bests. Aiden Molter: 5 for 5 bests (1 in relay leadoff), 2 new JO cuts. Andrew Negus 1 for 2 bests. My Nguyen: 10 bests, 7 top 16 finishes, 2 second places, 1 team record. Tony Nguyen: 6 bests, 3 new JO cuts. Danielle Nowaski: 5 for 5 (included relay leadoff best) top 8 in both events. Andrew Ontiveros: 3 for 3 bests. Itzel Sanchez: 1 best, top 16 in 200 fly. Gavin Souttere: best in 100 fly, 2 top 16 and 1 top 8 finish. Mitchell Stoddard: bests in 100 fly twice, 2 events top 16, top 8 in the other. Carlson Temple: 3 events - top 8 finish in 2 of them. Kiara Tenorio: 8 for 8 best times, 2 top 16 finishes, 3 new JO cuts.

13-14 girls 200 medley relay (J. Gonzales, K. Tenorio, C. Gonzales, M. Garcia-Hale) – New team record: 1:59.87.