Day 1 of Competition

All three girls took to the water in the 100 backstroke this morning. Krissie and Ellen were in the first of the circle seeded heats where they finished a very strong 2nd and 4th place in the heat going a times that should earn a second swim. However with the rule set by the Irish national committee, only 6 foreign athletes are eligible to advance past the preliminary heats. Ellen was 7th and Krissie was 9th after the next two heats

Caitlyn Forman, celebrating her 16th birthday today got off to a very impressive start dropping nearly 2 seconds in her 100 backstroke and qualified 2nd overall going a 1:02.86. Tonight at semifinals she held onto her 2nd place seed and will take that into tomorrow nights finals.

Krissie Brandenburg helped USA tonight finish off a 1,2,3 sweep in the 400 free relay as a member of the "B" team. 

Tomorrow morning all three girls will be back in the water competiting in the 100 free for Krissie and Caitlyn and Ellen will swim the 400 IM.

The NCSA is very fortunate to have the famous Garrett McCaffrey formerly with FloSwimming and now with Swimming World Magazine on the trip with us. He is putting together some great videos of the trip..Check back daily for new updates. 



Day 1 is now in the books and the swimmers are laying down for a well deserved night of sleep. The last 36 have been some to remember. 

Our trip began Sunday afternoon with a 45 minute delay in the Northern Kentucky airport because of weather. Once we arrived in Newark for our 5 hour lay-over we realized that we were the lucky ones. A 45 minute delay was small potatos compared to those of many through out the rest of the country. In fact 6 swimmers and one coach did not make the flight to dublin last night at 9:55 USA time. By the time they got to the airport in Newark we were off to Dublin about an hour behind schedule because we did everything we could to hold the plane. It is very refreshing to know that there are some great people out there willing to assist team USA. At the airport Gennifer from Continental went well out of her way to make sure everybody was taken care of during the panic of locating swimmers throughout the country. So remember if you are ever flying through Newark, New Jersey and you need help and are flying Continental just ask for Gennifer(with a G)!!!

The pilots on our flight were awesome. Once everybody was on our flight they recognized the all-star team and the accomplihments that these athletes have had in order to make this trip. The entire plane applauded.

Soon after the applause we were fast to sleep. I was so lucky that I got the entire exit row all to myself. I was able to lay across the seats and sleep!! The swimmers were very comfortable as well and slept pretty good for being in a plane for 6 hours.

Going through customs was a piece of cake...We were in and out in no time. The team did have one practice today and we  were able to get a good 5,000 meters in long course to work out the kinks from travelling. The told us not to go to sleep becuase  we would adjust better if we didn't take a nap today. Sooo with that being said....We are off to sleep...I know this email was a bit goofy but I am sure I will have more to report the next few days!!!

Cheer for Caitlyn, Ellen and Krissie back home...They are excited and in a couple days they will be ready for competition!!

Once we were in the air everybody was knocked out quickly.