Weekend Updates - 2/9 - 2/11

Weekend Updates - 2/9 - 2/11

This will be an exciting weekend for our members. We will have competitors in three (3) different events, ranging from our home Recreational Meet through to a Masters meet held in Clearwater. Of course, many of our families will be participating in the TBAY meet held in downtown Tampa, which begins later today. It is great that we have options for every age and level of swimmer.

No Practices Saturday

Hosting and participating in these events means we will have some minor schedule changes. We will not offer any practices on Saturday, February 10th.  

Recreational Meet at BSAC

The weather should be perfect for our Recreational Meet to be held at BSAC on Saturday. Normally, we ask our Novice through Bronze levels swimmers to attend these meets. For this meet, we are encouraging all swimmers, even the silver through senior level swimmers not attending the TBAY meet, to participate in Saturday’s Recreational meet.

It is important that we get feedback on your progress mid season. Even though the times will not count in the USA Swimming SWIMS database (more on that in a future podcast), we can use the results to further individualize your training.  It is also a great way to get additional sprint work in to complete the week. Warmups and registration begin at 10:30am. More information on the Recreational Meet can be found here

TBAY Meet Info

The staff is looking forward to a great weekend of swimming at Tampa Prep. Below are some important links and info:


Tampa Preparatory School - 727 West Cass Street Tampa, FL 33606

Meet Info

Psych Sheet

Team List / Athlete Count


Heat Sheets

The Heat Sheets have not been posted online as of yet. The meet letter did not contain a fee for heat sheets so they may be selling them at the meet. If the sheets are made available before I leave for the pool, I will post them online and send out an email so you can download and print them out. It might be a good idea to bring some cash if they are selling them on deck.

Warm Ups

There will be open warm ups on Friday and assigned warm ups for all of Saturday’s & Sunday’s sessions.


The pool opens for warm ups at 3:00pm. But the meet does not start until 5:00pm. There are 72 total swimmers in Friday’s session. I believe there will be enough room to be behind the blocks, ready to swim, at 3:50pm. Parking and parent deck space may be at a premium. If you want to arrive earlier, that would be fine. Tent parents, thanks in advance for helping out. We have a new tent, courtesy of the Hohman family, that we will use for the swimmers on deck. Parent tent(s) can be set up in the basketball court adjacent to the pool. Friday's session is scheduled to be complete just before 7:00pm.

Saturday AM

We are scheduled to warm up from 7:00 - 7:30am in lanes 6 - 8. Warm up space is limited so it is important that we get in right on time. Please be behind the blocks, ready to swim, by 6:55am. We will do the first part of our warm up at that time. We will then stretch and be ready when they reopen the pool for sprints at 8:30. BE SURE TO BRING EXTRA WARM, DRY CLOTHES. The meet starts at 9:00am and the session is scheduled to be complete at 12:15pm

Saturday PM

Warm Ups are scheduled to start at the conclusion of the morning session. They have broken up the warm up into three (3) twenty five (25) minute sessions. We are in the second session in lanes 6 - 8. That means if the timeline is accurate, we will be in the water at 12:40pm. Let’s be on deck, ready to swim at 12:30pm, just in case. If anything changes, I will send out an email blast. The timeline has the meet starting at 1:15pm and ending at 4:09pm. With an hour and fifteen minutes of warm up, The session will probably be fifteen to thirty minutes or so later than published.

Sunday AM

We are scheduled to warm up from 7:30 - 8:00am. Everything else remains the same as the previous day. The timeline has the session ending at 11:36am.

Sunday PM

We are in the third 25 minute warm up session. That would mean a 12:26mm start. Let’s be on deck, ready to swim, at 12:15pm. Again, if anything changes, we send send out the update.

Purpose of the Meet

This is a last chance meet for FLAGS. It is also a good meet for people to get cuts for Senior Champs and above. We did not fully rest for this meet, but we did we did keep it in mind this week as we administered our training. The staff is looking to see if the swimmers can execute their strategies in an almost unconscious manner. In essence, we are looking for some fast, inspired and smart swims from all of our athletes. The weather should be fine, most of our swimmers have been killing it in workouts so let’s get up, have fun and race!

Valentine Masters Meet

This will be the 26th Annual Valentine’s Masters swim meet. The meet will be held at the Long Center in Clearwater. Lifelong swimming is a goal of our program. I think we are so fortunate that our swimmers get to workout with some amazing adults. They can see first hand that even when you are in your 70s and beyond, there is still a place for you in the sport. Besides, our Masters swimmers are no joke. They push all of our kids when they train together in the mornings and on the weekends. Good luck and swim fast!

See you at the pool - Rich