Blue Wave Sending 14 to FLAGS

Blue Wave is sending fourteen (14) swimmers to this years Florida Swimming Age Group Championship meet. The event begins this Thursday, February 15th and will be held at the YMCA Aquatic Complex in Orlando.

Click here for a list of our swimmers and their events.

Let’s wish all of our swimmers the best of luck at the meet!


The Meet In Perspective

While fourteen (14) is one of the larger number of swimmers Blue Wave has sent to FLAGS in many years, it does not, however, represent the full scope of those who qualified from our club. We could have easily sent twenty (20) or more.

I know this may be getting old, but we are not a FLAGS-focused program. Is it a great experience? Yes. Should a child go once or twice if they make a cut or have the opportunity to be on a relay team? Of course. After that, however, the swimmer should look for other challenges and competitive opportunities. If not, there is usually a tougher transition when they turn fifteen (15).

We want to inspire our young athletes to broaden their horizons. There is a big world out there; in the pool and out. When they understand that reality at a young age, they tend to dream bigger. We may not be in the majority when it comes to this mindset, but my experience has shown that this is truly an effective way to vessel age groupers into senior athletes. Besides, who wants to always do what everyone else is doing anyway? The view is better when you lead.

Thanks again for understanding this way of thinking. Know these decisions are always made in the best long term interest of our swimmers. Now let's go to Orlando and have some fun!

Up Next? Senior Championships

See you at the pool - Rich