Day 3 of Irish Nationals

Update: 9:00pm(Ireland Time)

Tonight was another good night for the Clippers at the Irish Nationals. The night was started off by Caitlyn Forman qualifying for the 50 back out of semis. Ellen Williamson followed suit by qualifying for the finals in the 100 fly.

The night got very interesting for Caitlyn because at the end of the session she had to swim the finals of the 50 back, 200 back and the 400 medley relay. All of these events in about 20 minutes. Handeling a very tough load like this is very tough but she did a great job finishing 5th in the 50 back, 6th in the 200 back and led off the winning 400 medley relay. Ellen joined Caitlyn in the finals leading off the "C" relay. This was a very impressive moment knowing that we had two girls leading off relays for TEAM USA. The most impressive thing was that after the backstroke leg, their relays were 1st and 2nd !!!

Tomorrow is the last day of swimming for the entire team. USA Swimming has done an amazing job at this meet putting up some very fast times this early in the season. All 3 of the Clipper girls are very confident in there results, knowing that this is only the beginning of the season and this was not a shave and taper meet!!


All three girls have climbed onto the podium for the USA at the Irish Nationals by day 2. Caitlyn Forman put forth a very impressive performance in the 100 back with a 2nd place finish overall. Her best time overall was a 1:02.8 and places her 27th in the World as of the March 3rd report.

Ellen Williamson and Krissie Brandenburg have earned spots onto the relays that have placed them on the podium. Krissie made it as a member of the 400 Free Relay and Ellen Williamson as a member in the 800 Free Relay.

After Preliminaries this morning the girls all swam very strong and through out time in that placed them Top 15 in their respective events. However with the rule of only 6 foreign athletes can advance out of prelims not all swims are going to get a 2nd chance. Krissie had very good swims in the 50 back and 200 backs but just missed making it to the next round. Ellen put together a very strong 100 fly and advanced onto semifinals. In her 200 back she felt she couldn't find her stroke until the last 50 and unfortunately she will not advance to finals. Caitlyn Forman slipped off her start in the 50 back but pulls out a 6th place finish for foreign athletes and will get an opportunity to correct the start tonight. At the end of the session she put together a very strong performance in her 200 back and placing 1st overall going into finals tonight. Both Ellen and Caitlyn will swim the backstroke legs of relays tonight as well.

If all goes well tonight with the internet connection I will update the website.