RENO Team Partners
JO Information
The coaching staff is looking forward to some fast swimming at JOs this weekend! Below is important information for those families attending the meet:
As I am sure you are all aware, the weather looks iffy for travel and the meet. Please be careful driving over the pass. 
I spoke with a few of the swimmers about the weather on Monday. I stressed the importance of not stressing about the weather. 
Before a rainy Far Westerns, when I was swimming, one of the best coaches I had told me “you can’t control the uncontrollables.” That has always stuck with me, and I want the swimmers to have this mindset. If it is raining, unfortunately, we can not control that. But what we can control is being sure we have plenty of warm clothes, socks, shoes, towels, jackets, etc. 
The conditions are also the same for every other swimmer at the meet. As a swimmer and a coach, I have seen many great performances in poor conditions. The swimmers who swim well in these conditions do not let the weather affect them. They just roll with the punches. I have also seen many swimmers throw away an entire weekend of races, because they let the weather affect them and used it as an excuse before they even stepped up on the blocks. 
Melanie and I will be talking about the proper mindset this week and during the meet. If you could help remind your child to stay positive as well, we would greatly appreciate it!
Meet Info
- Melanie will be representing RENO at the meet. 
- Warm-ups each day start at 7:30 AM and prelims begin at 9 AM. Championship finals start at 4:00 PM. 
- RENO will have two 13-14 girls relays — the 200 free relay on Friday and the 200 medley relay on Saturday. Relays will take place during the finals session. 
- The Hollinger family will be transporting the RENO pop-up for the swimmers to use. Thank you, Russ and Brook! 
If you have any questions or concerns, please let Melanie or myself know. 
We are excited for a great weekend of swimming!
Thank you!
Ryan Evans
Head Coach