GTSA Spring Champs. Why Go and Deadline Extention

Hi All,

While March Madness may have started in basketball today, we’ve been in the swimming version since mid February. I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone to sign up for the GTSA Spring Championship meet. I am going to extend the deadline to commit your swimmers to tomorrow so we can bring as many as possible to this event.

Why Do We Want So Many Swimmers To Attend?

I know. There have been a lot of meet offerings the past month or so. Why do we want to send our swimmers to yet another one? Well, for some, they did not qualify for those meets and this is their opportunity to swim in a championship format. We also put this meet on the schedule so we can finish our season as a team. 

Too many times, swimmers in different training groups finish their seasons so far apart from each other that there is no real team experience. It is my hope that most of our Bronze through Senior level swimmers attend this one so they can have the opportunity to finish a season together; laughing, cheering and swimming fast as one team.

This is also a great meet because it is a prelims / finals event for the 11 and older athletes. Many swimmers may not get a second swim at Junior Nationals, for example. The nationwide aspect of the event makes it more difficult to earn a spot in the finals session. We go to those meets so our swimmers understand what they need to do to be competitive at an elite level. 

At The GTSA Spring Championship, they have a much better opportunity to swim at night. While the competition is strong, it is not as deep as a national level meet so more of our swimmers will finish their season with a finals swim. Traditionally, swimmers do better when they come back at night.  Those final swims are important because they will allow us, as both athletes and coaches, to gauge the swimmers’ seasonal improvements. That helps us better prepare for the next season.

Swimming at night also build bonds and relationships teamwide. It’s not just the kids, but the parents as well. Cheering together in the stands and on the sidelines brings everyone together. When teams stay fragmented all season long, it's tough to develop those common experiences that help develop a true sense of swamily. 

It is also difficult for younger swimmers to develop intra-team role models when they only see them in passing from the other side of the pool, or worse, never at all. This is a local Championship event; one that traditionally has great weather, good competition and does not involve the need to spend money on hotels or restaurants. It is for these reasons and more that I am asking you to sign your child up for this season ending event.

Who knows...this may be the first meet where we have a pre meet celebration and poster making session??? I would not want anyone to miss the fun...hint, hint!

You can declare your intention to attend using the link below:

See you at the pool (soon, promise!) - Rich