Spirit Week @ BSAC

Spirit Week @ BSAC

Hi All,

This is a friendly reminder that we will hold a Spirit Week here at BSAC beginning today. Below is the list of daily themes we have posted for the past week or so. If you can not participate each day, no worries....just do your best to get into the team spirit. The goal is to get our swimmers pumped for the upcoming GTSA Spring Championship as we continue to build a culture of success and fun.


Monday      ‘Merica Monday          

Wear Red, White & Blue To Show Your Appreciation For Our Great Country!


Tuesday      Twin Tuesday          

Find a Friend And Wear Matching Outfits (Can Be More Than One Friend)


Wednesday      It’s Wednesday, My Dudes!

Dress Up As Your Favorite APPROPRIATE Meme or Character


Thursday      Throwback Thursday

Styles of the Past: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and more


Friday           Spirit Day

Show Off Your Blue Wave Spirit By Wearing Your Favorite B Dub Gear

Spirit, like a team’s culture, must be organic. Thanks to Hannah Barton for taking the lead and selecting these daily fun events. I am sure most of you realized that I did not pick dress as a Meme!

My Thoughts on Team Spirit

To me, team spirit is not dressing up like a clown and being obnoxious at a swim meet. Unfortunately, too many times, teams are awarded the Spirit Award at meets because they are, well, loud and obnoxious. When a team possesses real team spirit, you just know it. They do not need costumes or gimmicks. They just ooze confidence and positivity on the deck and in the pool. They are happy, learn from setbacks and are eager to be totally supportive of their teammates. It’s fun to be around clubs with real team spirit.

I feel team spirit is when you have the right balance between excitement for yourself, your teammates and your club at your events. True team spirit means you carry your load and honor yourself, your teammates, your coaches and your families by trying your best and encouraging your teammates to do the same. When I see an older athlete cheering on a newer, younger teammate at a meet I call that an example of true team spirit.

In my opinion, by elevating yourself and helping others to do the same, you become a great teammate. When a club is composed of mainly great teammates, real team spirit can be achieved. People feed off of the positivity of others. The positive spirit, outlooks and actions of great teammates creates sustained positive team spirit. Someone with great team spirit has internalized yet another of the championships behaviors I speak of daily.

So, as we get ready for our first Spirit Week, let’s remember it’s not about goofy outfits. It’s about having fun with our friends as we prepare to go to our season ending meet and have fun. Happy swimmers are fast swimmers. Here’s to a great week and weekend of swimming.

See you at the pool - Rich