San Diego Training Camp Recap

12 Hurricanes swimmers participated in this year's spring break training camp in San Diego. The team was challenged with 16 swim practices and 11 dry-land sessions over 10 days of training. One week of training camp has double the amount of pool time than a regular week of our training schedule. Each swimmer had to manage themselves throughout camp with everyone accomplishing a lot in the water. Overloading training always comes with some struggles but our swimmers kept working and ended with many more positives overall. In a training camp, swimmers get to focus on swimming and it is a huge difference what they can accomplish over 10 days. 

Most of all this camp was fun. We trained with the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club and our swimmers made new friends and had a different training atmosphere. We had a few outings to beaches, including Venice Beach, a Clippers game, Belmont amusement park and 11 days of team bonding. The swimmers were able to hang out in a way that they don't get to at home or even at travel meets when the number one focus is high performance. Overall it was just a great motivator for all the work our swimmers do throughout the year. 

12 swimmers is a record number for our team at training camp and we hope to continue to grow the camp in the future. Having so many swimmers buy in really shows the dedication and focus of our swimmers as our club continues to build. This camp will set the base for the long course season approaching. At our first day back in Hollyburn everyone was moving very easily through the water and looked great!