End of Season Updates!

Hi All,

Well, the day has finally arrived. Welcome to the first day of the last meet of the season. We will launch the meet with an unusual event; Mixed 200 Freestyle relays. I have talked to everyone who was selected to participate and think we are all good to go. If you have any last minute issues, please let me know right away. We will have traditional relays throughout the course of the meet so please do not leave without your swimmer checking with a coach to see if they are in a relay.

PLEASE NOTE: I WILL SIGN EVERYONE IN FOR THE DISTANCE EVENTS UNLESS I RECEIVE A TEXT TELLING ME TO DO OTHERWISE (813) 846-8352. While there is no event penalty at this meet, there is a $10 fine for missing a deck seeded event. That said, I want to enforce the positive check in unless texted rule so there are no issues moving forward. Thanks for understanding and abiding by this distance check in system.

A reminder. There will be no practice Saturday due to our participation in this event. We will also be closed for our program break next week at BSAC as well.  We will use this down time to more safely remove the 10 meter platform from the diving area.

As mentioned in an earlier post, all of the information regarding the meet can be found on our meet page:

GTSA Spring Champs Updates

Results will be posted on the host team’s website. That link can be found here:

GTSA Spring Champs Results

We have a couple of tents set up outside near the vendors for the swimmers and one white tent in the bleachers for the families (Thanks Mike Walker!). Wear your team swag, bring plenty of healthy drinks and snacks and let’s get ready to rock and roll.

Novice, Blue and Bronze members not attending the GTSA meet. We do have a travel Recreational Meet scheduled for today at Land O Lakes. Coach Kelly will be on hand for that event. More details can be found here:

Travel Rec Meet Info

Masters Swimmers. I will post some workouts for you to use next week. Feel free to come in during any of the regularly schedule pool hours to get in your workout. I know some of you have events coming up and I want to enure you have that option. Look for the workout link soon.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who showed up for the general meeting at BSAC last night.  I feel it is so important that we share the overall program vision with our families. It's not just about swimming fast. It’s about positively impacting the lives of our families. We just happen to have the world’s best sport in which to teach those important life lessons and skills. Armed with that shared vision, we can better work together to meet our objectives and goals. I appreciate the warm reception my non traditional ideas received from our members. I will follow up on those initiatives post meet. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.

OK, it's hammer time! Let’s show our team spirit, have fun and swim lights out!

See you at the pool - Rich