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Long Course Season Tips and Information!  
Long course season has officially began! This weekend we will have the first long course meet of the season. The Westside Meet is going to be very fun with many new best times, new time standards achieved and hopefully some new team records. Long course season has many benefits for our swimmers. Here are some helpful tips and Information on long course swimming.
Long Course. These two words have huge implications for even the most experienced swimmer. The beginning of long course season represents the transition from shorter pools broken up into 25­ yards, to a much longer and sometimes more daunting 50­-meter length.  While the transition can often be difficult in the first few weeks, as swimmers’ bodies adjust to the longer pool and lack of walls, the long course season can offer huge opportunities for any swimmer.
When is long course season?  Long Course season goes from April to August every year.
Thoughts Swimmers have when beginning Long Course Season: The first swim long course can feel like hopping from a nice quaint little pond into a gigantic and never-ending ocean, often wondering when you will ever reach the wall. However, always remember to look on the bright side, counting your laps gets way easier with long course.
Training Differences? While swimming short course is often centered around turns and kicking off walls, long­ course is known more for the consistent building of speed through each lap. Swimmers must learn to hold their stroke for more than twice the length of a 25­-yard pool before hitting a wall. This builds a different type of endurance that is beneficial to everyone. If you spend time training and racing meters, the transition back to a 25-­yard pool will leave you feeling like the pool is suddenly significantly shorter than you remembered.
What if you can’t train long course, but you’re competing in long course? Don’t worry!  Sure, more experience in a long course pool will better prepare you for the change in distance, but there are some swimmers out there who train exclusively short course and have had great success long course. I for one never had an opportunity to train long course as an age group swimmer… surprising huh!
Olympic Trials qualification: In the past, Olympic Trials qualification times were both short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters. Currently qualifying times are only in long course meters. This forces swimmers to qualify in the same pool distance format as the Trials competition. It means better consistency and competition at Olympic Trials.  
Why long course meters is beneficial: Training long course makes swimmers focus more on stroke technique and endurance. Short course swimmers can get away with some technical glitches by executing excellent turns and underwaters, but not in long course.
Which event changes the most, compared to short course? My opinion? The 200 backstroke utilizes so many turns and underwater kicks in the short-course format. In long course, however, it becomes this entirely different beast. You have to pace yourself.
Backstroke Stroke Count Difference? Yes there is a difference in your backstroke stroke count when swimming long course.  The flags are 5 meters away from the wall long course and in short course they are only 5 yards away from the wall. It will make about a 1-3 stroke count difference. Just practice it a couple times and you’ll be fine.
Why Long Course Brings us Together? Whether you are a swimmer with a legitimate shot at an Olympic Trials cut, a spot on the Olympic team, or you are someone who is simply excited to watch the meet on television, the long course season offers a unique chance to come together. Swimming and training in a 50­ meter pool gives everyone a little taste of the Olympic spirit. The Olympics offer a rare chance for swimming to take the spotlight, whether it is in the form of an Olympian singing their national anthem with the whole world watching, or a tiny age ­grouper pointing to the television and saying “I can swim that too!”
Saturday April 21st 8:00-9:30am
The Spring VJO General Membership Meeting (Parent Meeting) will be held on Saturday April 21st from 8-9:30am in the Portable Buildings next to the pool.  Coffee and pastries will be provided.  This meeting is mandatory for ALL PARENTS to attend. We will be discussing important items like team policies, budget and fundraising.   A detailed agenda will be sent out before the meeting.
Important Topics:
Favaro Scholarship Committee Needed (need 3 parents that do not have graduating seniors)
Volunteer Hours Update
VJO Treasury Report/ Budget (How is VJO doing?)
Summer Event/Meet Schedule
Upcoming May Long Course Meet
Upcoming June Senior Meet
May Meet Job Sign ups
Shark –A-Thon (June 26th 2018)
Grant/Sponsorship Updates
Becoming a Team Sponsor
Saturday, April 21st
Saturday April 21st we have our second long course practice of the season.  All swimmers need to be at this practice. After this long course practice we will give swimmers 30 minutes of game/fun time at the end, while all the parents are finishing up in the General Membership Meeting.
Saturday April 21st  – Saturday Long Course Practice
Junior, Junior 2 & Seniors Groups: 6:45am-9:30am
Leopard & Mako Sharks: 7:30-9:30am
Hammerhead 1 & 2: 8:00-9:30am
Thursday May 3nd
Making Waves (previously Nor Cal Swim Shop) will be at Cunningham pool on Thursday, May 3rd from 4:00-7:00pm for our VJO team suit and warm-up fitting. Our team suit again this year is a black polyester suit with an embroidered team logo.  The women’s suit is offered in three different styles.  The men’s team suits are available in either Jammer or brief style.   We will also have our team warm-ups available in both youth and adult sizes.  New 2018 Order Forms will be emailed out and available at the pool soon.  
***REMINDER – It is mandatory for all swimmers to be wearing a team suit and team cap at all meets***
When: Thursday May 3rd
Time: 4:00-7:00pm
Where: Cunningham Pool
New Company: Our new team gear manufacturer is called "Making Waves". This
Regular Practice for All Groups this Day
APRIL 13-15th 2018
The Westside Aquaducks Long Course C/B/A+ Meet on April 13-15 is NOW CLOSED. This will be our first long course meet of the season
TIMING: VJO is required to supply 4 timers each day. Sign-up sheets can be found in our team area on Saturday morning. All VJO parents to help fulfill our timing chairs.
OFFICIALS: VJO is required to supply 2 Officials each day. Parents we need your help Officiating to make sure we don't get fined $100-300.
LOCATION: Petaluma Swim Center, 900 East Washington Street, Petaluma, CA 94952
TIME: Friday - Arrive at 3:30 for warm-ups. Meet starts at 5pm
           Saturday - Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups at 7:30am. Meet starts at 9am
           Sunday - Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups at 7:30am. Meet starts at 9am
MEET SHEET: CLICK HERE for the meet sheet. 
April 28-29th 2018
The NVST Long Course C/B/A+ Meet is CLOSED for entries.  This is an optional long course meet for the month of April. We know the long course season is limited, so we have added this meet to our VJO schedule as a second meet in the month of April.  We will have a smaller coaching staff at this meet.
LOCATION:Napa Valley College. 2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy., Napa, CA
TIME: Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups will be from 7:30am-8:45am. Meet will start at 9:00am



Our VJO Cinco de Mayo Dual Meet on May 5th is NOW OPEN for ENTRIES!  This small short course one day dual meet is geared towards our Hammerheads, Leopard, Mako and Junior 2 Groups. The Junior and Senior Group will be having a long course practice in the morning and will be helping out at the meet.  The entry deadline is April 23rd 2017. Please note there will be relays. The VJO coaches will enter swimmers in relays. Click Here for Entry Form.
LOCATION: Cunningham Pool
TIME:   Arrive at 8:45am on Saturday. We will get in as a team to warm-up at 9:00am. The meet will start at 10:00am. The meet will be done by 1pm. Remember parking is easier the earlier you arrive.
ENTRIES: Swimmers may compete in up to 4 individual events, plus 2 relays.  Team entries will be done by Hy-Tek Team Manager, so all paper consolidated entry forms must be turned in by Monday, April 23rd by 7:30pm to the manila folder at the pool. The manila folder can be found hanging on the team bulletin board next to the Shark Tank. All swimmers entered in meet will be ENTERED IN RELAYS unless coaches are otherwise informed. Count on being in a relay.
ENTRY FEES: $20.00 entry fee per swimmer.  Entries shall be rejected if payment is not sent at time of request.  Turn in all entries to the manila folder hanging on the bulletin board at the pool.
Make check payable to:  “Vallejo Aquatic Club” or “VJO” 
ENTRY DEADLINE:  Monday, April 23rd by 7:30pm
RELAYS: Coaches will enter the relays. We will put ALL entered VJO swimmers in relays, so please notify the coaches if you are not able to be in a relay.
CHECK-IN:  The meet will be pre-seeded.  A scratch down meeting will be held 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet.
EVENTS: Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what events to enter.
JOB SIGN-UPS: Parents please click on the link below to sign-up for your volunteer job. We need everyone’s help to make our home meets a success. This is a great meet to shadow in a new area.
Our VJO May Long Course C/B/A Meet on May 18-20th is OPEN for ENTRIES!  This is our team meet for the month of May and is recommended for ALL VJO swimmers.  Please get signed up before April 9th 2017. We are very excited to announce there will be RELAYS offered in our May Meet! These relays will be very fun for our swimmers. Please note the VJO coaches will enter swimmers in relays. Parents and swimmers will not be entering these.
**2 WEEK PRIORITY REGISTRATION**: Swimmers in Zone 3 have a 2 week priority registration.  During this time our swimmers will be given first priority for acceptance to the meet. After this time the meet will open to everyone and WILL FILL QUICKLY. Priority registration for VJO will end April 9th, 2018.
TIME:   Friday: Arrive at 3:30 for warm-ups. Meet starts at 5pm.
Saturday & Sunday: Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups will start at 7:30am and the meet will start at 9:00am. Remember parking is easier the earlier you arrive.
LOCATION: Cunningham Pool
EVENTS: Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what events to enter.
Loepard, Mako, JR, JR2, & SR: Please enter 3 events a day (one challenging event, one favorite event and one to keep you well rounded). Coach Sophie and Coach Jennifer want to see you swim all four strokes over the course of the weekend.
Hammerhead 1 & 2: Please only enter events you are ready for. Entering swimmers in events they are not ready for can be very discouraging and causes un-needed paperwork for our officials. Talk to your coach first.
JOB SIGN-UPS: Parents please click on the link below to sign-up for your volunteer job. We need everyone's help to make our home meets successful. Please remember each family is required to work at least 10 hours and all our home meets. Sign-up sheets can also be found at the pool.
April 13-15     - Westside Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Petaluma)
April 21           - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups, 7-9:30am)
April 21           - Mandatory General Membership Meeting (8-9:30am, Portable Building)
April 26           - Shark Pride Day (5-7pm, All Groups)
April 27-28      - SCAC's High School Swimming League Championships 
April 28-29      - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College)***OPEN***
May 3            - Team Suit Fitting (Cunningham, 4-7pm)
May 5            - Junior & Senior Long Course Morning Practice (6:45-9am)
May 5            - Dual Meet (for H1, H2, LS, MS swimmers) ***NOW OPEN***
May 10-12     - High School swimming Section Championships (Qualifying HS, Lodi)
May 18-20     - VJO Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Cunningham Pool) ***NOW OPEN***
May 21          - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery Day)
May 28          - NO PRACTICE (Memorial Day Holiday)
May 31          - Shark Pride Day (5-7pm, All Groups)
June 1-3         - WCAN Long Course Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College)
June 11           - First Day of LC Morning Practice  (JR & SR Group M/W/F 6:45-9am)
June 16          - SASO Short & Long Course Dual Meet (All Groups, Solano College )
June 23-24     - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College) ***CANCELED***
June 23-24      - VJO Senior Open Meet (Qualifying Seniors, Cunningham Pool) *** JUST ADDED***
June 26           - Shark-A-Thon (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 28           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 30           - VJO Annual Pool Party & Alumni Reunion (12-4pm, Cunningham Pool)
July 6-8           - Junior Olympic Championships (Qualifying Meet, Location TBA)
July 10             - Team Pictures (Individual @ 5pm & Team Picture @ 5:45pm)
July 20-22       - Ukiah Dolphins Short Course Meet & Camping (All Groups, Ukiah) ***UPDATED DATE ***
July 19-22       - Speedo CA/NV Sectional Championships (Qualifying SR, Santa Clarita)
July 26             - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
July 26-29       - Far Western Championships (Qualifying, Moraga)
Aug 3-5           - REAL Summer Championships (All Groups, Petaluma)
Aug 6-19         - Team Break
Aug 20            - First Day of Fall Practice