Have Fun While Saving A Ton of Time And Money - A Taste of Brandon

Have Fun While Saving A Ton of Time And Money

The Taste of Brandon event is coming up this Saturday. The full details are below. I wanted to take a moment and share how important it is that Blue Wave support this event. By attending, you will literally help save you and your family time, money and frustration. Here's what I mean.

I was busy while I was on vacation. If you know me at all, you can’t imagine that swimming was not on my mind even while I was away. During the break last week, I got Florida Swimming to agree to sanctioning single meets held at multiple venues. In a nutshell it means that we can host a meet locally and other teams can host an identical meet format at their location at the same time. Think virtual home vs home competitions. When complete, the results of all the venues are merged and the single event is submitted to the USA Swimming swims database.

OK, how does that help our families? Well, if we can host competitive one day or one session events at home, there is less travel, less ancillary costs and less of a time commitment for our swimmers, their families and our volunteers. As someone who has spent most of his life on a pool deck each weekend, I see this as a game changer.

Think about it for a second. How much do you spend in facility fees? Entry fees? Heat sheet fees? Travel fees? Standing on my deck fees, etc? For many of us of us, it’s not only the money spent on meet, hotels and meals, it’s the time spent at marathon meets that’s the most difficult.

We can change that.

At the general membership meeting, I spoke about purchasing a revolutionary timing system. I have since sent out emails describing how it works and how it can benefit us. The short story is for $3,000 we can have a working system up and running. This would allow us to hold the revolutionary events mentioned above. Supporting the Taste of Brandon event this Saturday can help us raise the monies needed to purchase the system.

Blue Wave gets $15 of each $20 ticket we sell. All of that money goes directly to purchase items we earmark. In our case, it's the Wylas Timing system. We have nearly two hundred families on the team. If just half of our families bought two tickets, we would meet our goal. If every family simply purchased two tickets, we could enhance the system with additional large screen scoreboards and other options. This isn’t cookie sales or begging for donations outside of Pubix. This is a fun event with some of the best fare in town included with the price of admission.

So let’s have some fun, save ourselves countless thousands of dollars as well as an untold amount of family time hours for many years to come. When you think about it, it’s a no brainer.


Please be aware. Ticket sales at the door do not count toward our program goal. You can email Coach Kelly to arrange your family’s purchase. Cash or money order is preferred, thanks. If you can not attend, we understand. You can, however, purchase some tickets and we will in turn give them to families in need.  


Learn More About The Wylas Timing System



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WHERE: WESTFIELD BRANDON (459 Brandon Town Ctr., Brandon)