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Avery Doolittle Commits To Southwestern

 Ohana's First Collegiate Swimmer!

Avery Doolittle has committed to swim for Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He will be honored with a scholarship to help his new team due to his swimming and academic accomplishments.

Avery is the definition of work ethic overcoming natural talent.  I cannot say I have been Avery's only coach, just one among several coaches who have had the opportunity to work with Avery.  However, I can say I was his first coach.  At the age of 11 we literally began with learning to float as I was truly concerned for his wellbeing in the water. Not kidding at all, he made me very nervous that he might go under without me noticing.  Yet, he never gave up!  Now, six years later I have the pleasure of sharing with all of you that Avery is on his way to college swimming.  Being proud of him is just the beginning, and I hope his will to keep trying and pushing will be an inspiration to all of our athletes to pursue dreams in and out of the pool.

Go Avery!