Spring Newsletter


NNA News

NNA, We have some important news for this spring. Please pass this on to anyone who

hasn’t taken a look at our upcoming changes.


Our team will be doing a round of group promotions beginning in June with the new

summer schedule. Because of the progression of our athletes, we will be moving the

swimmers who have outgrown their current groups to the next level up. Please ask your

coaches if you have any questions.


Thank you to all the parents and athletes that helped make our Spring AGO such a great success. We

had 313 athletes participate and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


NNA couldn’t host the great meets we do without the support and dedication of you amazing swim



Meet Recaps:

NNA Novice meet.

Full results are on our web site. We had 98 participants from NNA and several other local

swim schools swim it out in the pool to get some much needed experience for our younger

swimmers. Several swimmers in the Junior and Senior Groups helped out. Thank you very


NNA AGO March 24-25.

We had a good chunk of our swimmers participate. Full Results are on our website. We will

be using the proceeds from the meet to purchase some new starting blocks to use at future

meets. Great swims and several team records went down!

Far Westerns April 5-8th.

The Far Western swim meet is for the top 1% of swimmers in our local swim committee.

They compete against 6 other local swim committees and battle it out in the pool.

Alison Cameron, Ben Peters, Delaney Sullivan, Isabella Porter, and Chance Kirby

represented out team and did great. Great job NNA.

Please check our schedules and stay tuned for more opportunities to swim at upcoming

swim meets.


Please shop online at when making online purchases. We also have the

team store under the team tab for all of our NNA apparel. A new order will go out shortly.


Spring Practice Schedule April-June 11th


On web site.



We have some important upcoming events for May through July.


1. Summer swim meet schedule is attached and on our website.

2. The next meet to sign up for is the Carson Intermountain Classic

May 25-27th. Entries are now open.


For questions about your swimmer, feel free to ask your coach!