Suit Day and Practice Schedule

 First Order of Business is Suits:
Suit day will be Sat May 12th from 11am-2pm.

For those unfamiliar with "Suit Day", D&Q comes out and sets up a small store at Lake Kandle selling our team suit, fins, goggles, and other swim accessories.  Your child is able to try on suits and you can purchase your suit on the spot along with accessories.
Also our coaches will be on hand as a meet/ greet session. 
Our suit this year is the Speedo Hydro Amp (blue/green).
Girls: $56
Boys: $37
Good news is that this is a two year print, so we will have the opportunity to get it again next year. Also with a two year print, they’re less likely to run out.
Practice Schedule:
See link above. I was hoping to also release our function and meet schedule but Kim and I have been taking turns with the flu since last week and we haven't been able to finalize certain events we were working on.
Coming up:
Personalized Caps?
Let me know if you're interested in personalized caps again. I figured that we had a lot of kids covered last season, so I didn't sign up for it with D&Q. I can also get personalized caps through the vendor that does our team caps, so if enough people are interested, I can put an order in. 
Team Spirit Web Store:  We'll be launching our team's spirit wear store in early May. We're adding some new items and some of the popular items from last year will also be available again. 
Remember that these orders are a one shot deal. We don't have extra stock laying around. 
Things will be ramping up soon. 
As always, I'm available for questions, comments, and concerns!
Jace Kandle