Weekend Event Updates & More

Hi All,

Some quick reminders and updates...

Long Course Time Trial #1

We are closing the declaration for your intention to swim in this Saturday’s Long Course Time Trial tomorrow, Wednesday May 2nd at 8:00pm. This will be our first in a series of three (3) long course time trials to be held at BSAC this summer. All USA Swimming registered swimmers should attend. This includes some swimmers in Bronze and all the swimmers in Silver, Gold, Swim Fit & Senior training groups.

Cinco De Mayo Potluck Lunch

This event will take place between the conclusion of the Long Course Time Trial and the start of the Short Course Recreational Meet. We will have exact times when we have a timeline posted after the meet entry deadline has passed (Wednesday, May 2nd @ 8:00pm) so please check back Thursday for an updated event timeline. You can sign up for the event and declare what you will bring below:

Holding pre and post events like this is part of our effort to make swim meets fun, fast, family friendly and affordable. We hope you can participate.

Short Course Recreational Meet

We will hold our Short Course Recreational Meet at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 5th. Warm ups will be following the Cinco De Mayo Potluck Lunch around 12:30pm. All Novice, Blue, FishHawk and some Bronze swimmers should attend this event. It should be a lot of fun!


We are extending the deadline to participate in the upcoming New Orleans travel trip. We will send out updated chaperone and travel options soon.

Parent Volunteer Meeting

I was happy to see the largest group of potential volunteers at our meeting tonight at BSAC. We were represented by over 15% of our total membership. While that might not seem to be a large percentage, it is by historical standards. Thanks for your willingness to help and for your support of our shared goals. We will honor your willingness to help and use your time as wisely as possible.

If you could not attend the meeting and would like to be considered for some of the positions, email me and we would be happy to let you know more about the opportunities.

I said quick, so I will stop here. Thanks as always for your support. I am thrilled with where we are and am so excited about our future.