You Have Made An Impact

Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment and bring you up to speed on a few victories we have had recently as an organization. I am going to focus on some Blue Wave accomplishments here, but will address some greater BSAC ones in the coming days.

Due to your involvement and efforts, we have purchased the Wylas Timing System discussed in previous emails. Not only did we get the basic system, we also raised enough funds to purchase a large screen display for results, a new starting system that integrates even better with the system as well as two (2) Colorado touchpads. We will continue to field ways to get more touchpads and scoreboards. While it’s great that we exceeded our initial goal, I feel it important to share with you a real world example of how this will positively impact us for many years to come.

Let’s look at this past weekend’s Time Trial and Recreational Meet held at BSAC. We used our newly acquired timing system to run the Time Trial. We had some work arounds as we have a different starter than the one designed for Wylas. We also found out that we needed a wifi booster to help out the timers when they went to the other end for 50s. Even with those minor issues, the meet went off without any major incident.

We were able to hold events that costs our families $10 - $20 to attend, were held in one session and were run by more than enough volunteers. Heck, we even had a successful Cinco De Mayo potluck Luncheon between events. These were family friendly, fun, fast event. I do not know about you, but I enjoyed spending Saturday night and all day Sunday with my family. It was a nice change from the three day marathon meets we usually attend.

This is great...but it gets even better.

When all is said and done, we will have netted around $1500.00 hosting the Time Trial and Recreational meet. This is not bad for a first time effort. In the past, we would spent that much or more to rent a timing system to hold an event. I know that other coaches will eventually buy into what we are doing. They will want to send their swimmers to these events as well. We can comfortably grow the meet by adding additional lanes and keep the events true to their family friendly roots.

Let’s use the concept of scale to realize the impact here.

If we host one of these meets every three to four weeks or so in season, we will eventually generate another $2,000 - $3,000 a month; all while saving our families time, effort and money. I have other ideas for non traditional events that will save our families time, effort and money as well. What is the impact of holding these types of non-traditional events at our facilities mean over the course of a year? Two years? Five years and beyond? As a business owner, I would take that return on investment all day every day. As a swim parent, I would love to save a ton of money on hotels, meet entries and food: all while knowing my club is getting more financially viable in the process.

All of this is great, but it wouldn't happen without your support.

We had a great volunteer meeting the other week. We had dozens of people sign up to become timers, officials and meet managers. At our first time trial, we had enough volunteers to run three watches per lane with backups and fill every other position needed to run a great event. The more people we get involved, the less we have to rely on the same folks over and over again. The more hands, the easier the lift. We can have the best facilities, the best timing system, the best scoreboard, but if we do not have people to run the events, we can not achieve our goals.

Some days I feel like the Wizard of Oz; the one who is behind the curtain, furiously pressing the buttons and levers and making things happen by what other believe is pure magic. Other days, I see you all as the magicians; putting it all together for the benefit of the kids and the community. What is clear to me now is that we are all working together to meet our shared objectives.

Our mission is to positively impact lives daily. Your support and efforts have enhanced our abilities to do just that. I will end this with a simple, “thank you”.