JUNE 14 Cannonball Contest

We are one week away from the Parent Cannonball Contest! 
THURS June 14th at 7PM

We are in need of 10 or so victims, I mean volunteers/ participants. There are two very important rules:

1. No drowning
2. No injuries
Contestants will be judged on three categories:
1. Presentation: This is everything involved with the approach prior to jumping.
2. Style: This could be defined as the jump itself. The form and any maneuvers involved with the cannonball.
3. Splash: height, radius, sound of impact.
Pride is not the only thing on the line. See attached for the Cannonball Contest Winner Shirt!
All participants will also receive a participation award.
Email or speak to Jace if interested. [email protected]
Judges will consist of swimmers, coaches, and the Kandle Fam.