Whistler Invitational Review

20 Hurricanes representing every group in our club competed at the Whistler Invitational last weekend with great team results!

Brooke had an incredible 200m Individual Medley, racing to a time of 3:19.24, under the SwimBC Tier I Championships qualifying time! It was Brooke’s first Tier I time standard and she now needs one more standard in any other event to qualify for the meet!

The 200m Individual Medley was a very strong event for us at the meet! Tessa had a terrific race taking off 17 seconds from her previous best time! Rebecca had a great 200m Individual Medley finishing with a time of 4:30.55, very impressive for seven years old! Emily took off three seconds from her previous best! Alessandra also took off another three seconds after just breaking four minutes at our Hollyburn Invitational! Ella hasn’t swam the event for three years, but took off 52 seconds from her previous best time and officially qualified for LMR Meets!

A few more great best times including Addy dropping three seconds in her 50m Freestyle, Keala taking off 15 seconds in her 200m Backstroke and seven seconds in her 200m Freestyle, Meghan improving by seven seconds in her 200m Freestyle, Becca taking off eight seconds in her 100m Backstroke, Hana was 24 seconds better in her 200m Freestyle and two seconds in her 50m Freestyle, Olivia swam to her best 200m Backstroke, Brooke took off five seconds in her 100m Backstroke and two seconds in her 50m Freestyle, Emma took off five seconds in her 50m Freestyle, Alessandra raced nine seconds from her 100m Breaststroke time, Alayna improved by three seconds in her 100m Backstroke, Kiersa took off two seconds in her 50m Freestyle and Jessica had a big breakthrough in her 200m Breaststroke!

Many swimmers raced events for the first time. Kiersa had a great swim in her first 200m Freestyle! Addison swam her first 200m Backstroke finishing well under four minutes! Brooke raced her first 200m Breaststroke! Declan, Shae and Esme all raced the 100m Breaststroke for the first time! Emma swam her first 100m Backstroke almost breaking two minutes!

Five swimmers competed in the 800m Freestyle and everyone had fantastic swims. Meghan broke our 10&under team record in her first ever 800m Freestyle with a time of 11:44.74. Cami took off 10 seconds from her previous best to break the 15&over team record with a time of 10:11.21. Keala improved her time by 48 seconds for a time of 11:20.25. Natalie dropped 22 seconds from her best time, finishing with an 11:08.99. Emily also had in impressive improvement of 18 seconds to race to a 12:20.10.

100% Best Times
Emma Johnston, Emily Jones, Shae Murtha

67+% Best Times
Keala Haigh, Hana Horsman, Esme Jessup, Brooke Johannson, Alessandra McCready, Alayna Michieli, Declan Murtha, Kiersa Shariff, Ella Wigmore

New Team Records
10&under Girls
800m Freestyle – 11:44.74 – Meghan Haigh (was Sidney Clement 11:58.03 2016)
15&over Girls
800m Freestyle – 10:11.21 – Cami Hill (was Marisa Ruus 10:23.62 2016)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Tier I Championships
Brooke Johannson           200m Individual Medley