Spring Water Log 2010

The 2010 AmberJax long course season is off to an amazing start. With the first three meets under our belts, we have lots to be excited about. Our swimmers have been swimming fast, racing hard and perfecting good stroke mechanics.



1-     We have been experiencing rapid growth this season so we have brought on a few new faces to the coaching staff. First, we are thrilled to have hired Coach Andy Bergren as a full time coach. Recently, Coach Andy has been splitting his days between Episcopal High School’s development office and the AmberJax. This move will allow Andy to focus entirely on his coaching and we are grateful to have him. Secondly, we have picked up three of our college swimmers as coaches for the younger groups. Please take time to congratulate and welcome Coaches (and current AmberJax) Shannon Blizzard, Cameron Pfhaler, and Amanda Singleton.

2-     We have our annual Midnight Madness Meet coming up next week. This meet is now our biggest meet and we really appreciate all the outstanding parent volunteer efforts that we have grown to count on. Your help is the reason that our meets are so highly appreciated by the local swimming community. Please make sure that you sign up with Susan Schuster soon!


Meet Recaps


Ultimate Swimmer Decathlon

This new meet format turned out to be exciting and different. The winners of the decathlon had the lowest total time for all 10 of their events combined. 45 of our 47 AmberJax had lifetime bests.

Congratulations to the following AmberJax who were crowned “Ultimate Swimmer”

Luke Dingfield

Christi Riley

Zach Dingfield

Maddy Shaw

William Walker

Ana Marie Bistrow

Wil Friedman


New Team Records

Casey Hayford 9-10 Girls 800 Free

Lexi Riley                     9-10 Girls 100 Back and 100 Fly

Marilyn Rowell 15-16 Girls 100 and 200 Breast

Tyler Sheffield  6 and Under Boys 50 Free, Back, Breast and Fly

Julian Rubiano  7-8 Boys 100 Fly and 200 Free


New Time Standards

            Senior Champs

                        Ana Marie Bistrow 100 Back

            Junior Olympics

                        Megan Altman 100 Back

                        Jacob Andrasco 50 Breast

                        Chris Dingfield 100 Fly

                        Luck Dingfield 100 Back

                        Zach Dingfield 200 IM, 100 and 200 Free, 50 and 100 Fly, 100 Back

                        Tristan Sheffield 50 Free

                        William Walker 100 and 200 Free


                        Megan Altman 100 Free

                        Zach Dingfield 100 Free

                        William Walker 200 Free


                        Megan Altman 50 and 100 Free, 100 Back

                        Jacob Andrasco 50 Breast

                        Ana Marie Bistrow 100 Fly

                        Luke Dingfield 100 Back

                        Zach Dingfield 200 IM, 50 and 100 Fly, 200 Free and 100 Back

                        William Walker 100 Free


Great way for us to start the LC season!


Panama City Long Course Invite

This is a team travel meet that we always have a lot of fun with. The 2010 meet did have some weather challenges that we don’t normally experience but we were pleased with the outcome. 29 of our 35 AmberJax hit life time bests.


New Team Records

            Ana Marie Bistrow       15-16 Girls 400, 800 Free and 200 Breast

            Ryan Bass, Blake Ehlers, Alex Brown and Cameron Pfhaler

                                                Boys 200 Free and 200 Medley Relays

New Time Standards

            Senior Champs

                        Peyton Hull 100 Free

                        Cameron Pfhaler 100 Back

                        Cody Mason 100 Back

            Junior Olympics

                        William Walker 400 Free and 800 Free, 200 Fly and 200 IM

                        Kevin Munoz    50 Free


                        Ana Marie Bistrow 200 IM

                        William Walker 800 Free


                        Kevin Munoz 100 Free

                        William Walker 100 and 200 Fly, 200 IM


Great Job to the AmberJax in Panama City


Bolles May LC invite

This meet is always a fun meet for us to showcase our training ability. As a team, we were especially fast at the end of our races and it was a lot of fun watching our swimmers winning every close race. 48 of our 49 swimmers had lifetime bests!


New Team Records

            Courtney Crawford 9-10 Girls 400 IM

            Tyler Sheffield 6 and Under 50 and 100 Free, 50 Back and 50 Breast


New Time Standards

            Senior Champs

                        Shelly Craddock 200 Back

                        Cari Faunce 100 Fly

                        Cody Mason 200 Breast

                        Marilyn Rowell 200 Free

            Junior Olympics

                        Megan Altman 50 Free and 50 Fly

                        Luke Dingfield 200 IM, 50 Free, 50 Fly and 50 Back

                        Zach Dingfield 50 Back

                        Tristan Sheffield 50 Breast and 200 IM


                        Shelly Craddock 100 Free


                        Megan Altman 50 Free

                        Luke Dingfield 50 Back

                        William Walker 100 and 400 Free       

                        Jack Raymond 50 Free


                        Megan Altman 100 Fly

                        Shelly Craddock 100 Back

                        Chris Dingfield 100 and 400 Free

                        Luke Dingfield 50 Free

                        Cari Faunce 100 Fly

                        Shrimpy Harrington 200 Back

                        Chris Kendrick 100 Fly

                        Christina Lawler 50 Free

                        Cody Mason 200 Breast

                        Tristan Sheffield 50 Breast and 200 IM


Congratulations to the AmberJax who competed in the Bolles meet and to the whole team for an exciting start to our summer season.