The Power Of Sleep
  1. Sleep can be anything from a performance killer to a performance enhancer. With its impact on all bodily systems, from mind to muscles and everything in between, its probably the most critical performance factor for everyone.
  3. Even though sleep is something we control, many people don’t behave that way. When we take control of the factors that influence our quality of sleep then positive effects usually happen pretty quickly.
  5. Given all of the potential things that might be more interesting, or seem more important than sleep, it’s easy to be sucked into bad sleep habits by the 24 hour world we live in. Make sure you remember, nothing is more important than regular, high quality sleep.
  7. Get the basics right before focusing on anything else. Your bedroom environment (temperature and darkness), your bed (comfort and correct bedding), and your routines (switching off mentally and physically), are your essential sleep foundations.
  9. Long gone are the days when bragging about your lack of sleep or how little you need is seen as the sign of a great performer. You’re simply willfully underperforming.

Three things to do

  1. 1-Accept that it’s easier for us to stay awake longer than is good for us in an ‘always on’ world. Accept that sleep is a more important performance factor than anything you’re likely to be staying awake for. Accept that sleep quality is within your control.
  3. 2-Decide what your ideal sleep quantity is and what your ideal sleep environment is. Decide how hard you’re going to work on prioritising sleep within your overall performance recipe.
  5. 3-Act. Do an experiment for the next 4 weeks where you seek to get the most consistent, high quality sleep that you can AND track the observable impact that you get as a result.