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Battle of the Ages!

Hi Stingrays!

Please find the registration form for Battle of the Ages at the bottom of this message, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 30th-Sunday, July 1st.  The meet takes place in Pleasant Hill.  
For those who have never swum at Battle of the Ages before, it is a fun 2 day invitational where swimmers only compete against swimmers of the same age (so 7 year olds ONLY swim against 7 year olds, not 8 year olds).  For invitationals, parents select which events their swimmer will participate in.   Each swimmer is limited to 4 events for the duration of the meet.  Invitationals have fees separate from the regular season meets.  On the registration form, girls are on the left side and boys are on the right side.  Submit one registration form per family.  Place the registration form and payment (check made payable to Benicia Stingrays) in an envelope and turn it into the tupperware poolside.  DEADLINE FOR SIGN UP IS THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 15th AT 12:30pm.  
Please note that this meet runs longer than a typical meet.  In the past, the meet has run up until 4:00pm or so each day.  All invitationals  have separate volunteer requirements from the regular required 30 units each family must fulfill.  Even if you have bought out of your volunteer requirements for the regular season, you are still required to volunteer at invitationals each day that your swimmer participates.   Volunteer jobs are typically assigned the day before the actual meet (volunteer jobs are in shifts, you will not be working the entire day).  
Please let us know if you have any questions and get those forms turned in ASAP!!!!
Thank you!