The swim team is a true family experience. The league cannot exist without full family participation. If you have a child swimming in the swim meet, you must be helping at the meet.
If your child is a kick boarder, make sure they are behind the blocks before the national anthem.
For those that don't know what to do, or how to help, the easiest way to help is to be a timer. If you can hit a button when you see a flash and hear a horn, then hit that same button again when the swimmer in your lane touches the wall, you can be a timer. 3 are needed per lane, and that ensures redundancy. If you screw up once, its not a big deal because there are two other timers and the head timer there to get the time if you miss it.
Seek and Deploy
If you have 10 and under swimmers competing, the best way to help is to help with corralling your children and their friends to the blocks on time for their events and working with the Seek and Deploy volunteers. 
Runner (home meets only)
For home meets, an easy way to help is being the runner. They collect the time cards and order of finish from every lane and deliver it to the scoring table. Always good to have at least two runners at home meets.
If you're sitting in a chair, ready to film your child's event, and they are a no show for their event, it's not the coaches' fault, its not a volunteer's fault, it is your fault
Shame is the whip, but we also have a few carrots dangling as well. 
For each meet that you volunteer at, you will receive Kandle Kred. The more Kandle Kred you have, the more opportunity you have at winning a substantial prize at the end of the season. 
The prizes will be tiered: 1 Kandle Kred per ticket in first tier (max 2). 3 Kandle Kreds for Second Tier, and 5 Kandle Kreds for highest tier. If you work 5 meets, you would receive the following:
2-Tier 1 tickets, 1- Tier 2 ticket, and 1- Tier 3 ticket. 
Prizes: Free Swim Team Fees for 2018, 30% off 2019 membership/ swim team fees, and grand prize to be announced later.
No photography may be taken behind the blocks. Haddon Twp had a very disturbing situation occur a few years ago with unauthorized pictures being taken behind the blocks. 
The only people that should be behind the blocks are volunteers and swimmers.
This Saturday we will get a practice run at hosting a home meet(exhibition). Please see the volunteer leaders at practice or at one of the events this week if you're interested in helping in a specific area.
Volunteer Leaders: Receive $40 account credit

Scorer: (Steve McKinney) Responsible for working the scoring table at all meets. Recruits order of finish for home meets.
Computer Operator: (Tonya Maier) Enters meet results into the team computer.
Scoreboard Operator: (Jennifer Misner?) Home meets only. Ensures that the scoreboard is functioning properly prior to and during the meet.
Photographer:(OPEN) Takes photos at all meets and team functions. Gives files to Jace to post on social media. NO PHOTOGRAPHY MAY BE TAKEN BEHIND THE BLOCKS!
Ribbons: (Julie Graves) Writes ribbons for all meets. Recruits assistant ribbon writer 
Seek and Deploy (Maria Fishbourne): Ideally worked by a parent with 8 and under children. Organizes the round-up to get kids to events. Recruits someone to work the card table and two parents to find kids for events. Helps the 8 and under relays.
FUNctions:(Jenifer Bernstein) Works with the Kandles to plan, set up, and run team FUNctions.
Head Timer:(Pat Conner)  Responsible for running the timers' meeting at home meets and serves as head timer. Distributes and collects team's watches. Serves as alternate timer for away meets.
Other News:
The spring store orders are now available for pickup in the office.
We have two events this week with the cannonball contest Thursday night and the craft event Friday night.
With the cannonball contest we have almost a half dozen signups, but we're going to need a few more!
If you have any questions about volunteering or the events this week, email Jace at [email protected]