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Home Meet vs. AHI Meet Sheet

Hi Stingrays!

Please find the Meet Sheet for this Saturday's home meet against the AHI Swim Team of American Canyon here.

Please note that there are a number of combined events planned for this Saturday's meet.  Do not miss your race because of missing a combined event!  You can see the complete list of combined events here.


Location:  James Lemos Swim Center.  As is true for all home meets, the Stingrays set up camp on the long side of the pool.  The short grass area is for the visiting team.

Time:   The front door will open at 7:30AM.  Do not enter through the side gate unless you are part of the set up crew.  Warm-ups begin at 7:45AM so please do not be late.

Volunteer Information: Remember to check in with Cyndee Bogard at the volunteer check in table if you are volunteering.  You must do this to get credit for your hours worked.  The volunteer check in table will be at the corner of the pool where the short and long grass meet up.

Sunblock For Sale: Also available at the meet will be Zealios Sun Barrier for sale.  For those of you not familiar with this product, it is a sun block like product that works great in the water.  It is non-greasy and can be applied to the face and will not cause the goggles to slip off.  This is the same product that sold out last year and had so many great reviews from our families that it is back again this year!  It is $15 per tube and cash/credit/check will be accepted.  You can purchase it from the Randolph family at the volunteer check in table.

Swim hard and fast!  See you at the pool!!!!