Notes for 7-5-18


The summertime gets a little crazy about now. There are so many things going on – teamwise – that it is difficult to make sure everything gets done.

Let me start by saying there are 11 meets in the next 38 days that involve CAST swimmers. We really want every swimmer to have the opportunity to compete in the meets that will provide the swimmers with the best growth opportunities.

Please take the time to look at the CAST EVENTS TAB on our website, AND commit to meets your swimmer can/will be attending.

If you're not sure what meets are for you (this is pretty normal for families in their first year or so), here is a brief rundown:


When          Host                    meet type / level                                                     notes                                   

July 6-8       MRA                      AB meet.                           see next section for warmup and specifics

July 12-15   USC                      LAI – top SR's

July 13       CAST                   Smr-special novice, JR,L1  This is a for fun meet. intro to meets. see attached flyer

July 14       CAST                  Cal State Games                  Any level swimmer – (fees $10 + $6/evt) if                   you                                                                                     haven't signed up and still want to get in, let me know                                                                                   by Friday 8 pm.

July 20         MRA                Sumr-Special nov, JR,L1         See attached flyer

July 21-22 Fallbrook C meet - C swimmers for year-round C level swimmers (this generally includes N-L1, but can                                                                                     be swimmers from higher levels).

July 26-29 SI Swim              Junior Olympics                       Must have JO cuts. (some swimmers who do not have                                                                                   individual qual times may be used for relays.We'll know                                                                                   relays by mid July

July 31- A4 USA swim          Junior Nationals                      Elite few that qual. - meet in Irvine CA

Aug. 2-4    USA swim              Futures                                 Likely that we aren't attending this. SantaClara CA – top                                                                                        SR swimmers.

Aug 4        MRA                     Sumr-special final N,JR,1         little dif than first 2 summer special meets,but still                                                                                         targeted as a for-fun learning meet.

Aug 8-11 Zones                     SI all-stars                               For top 14-U swimmers that qualify. In Roseville CA.

Aug 11-12 JO MAX                   chmp for non JO                   For all swimmers with less than 6 JO cuts.Final meet                                                                                       of summer.


Phew, those are all in the next 5 ½ weeks!!!!. If you're still not sure if a meet is for you, just ask, we'll be happy to let you know.

For those of you who are new, the Summer-special meets are meant to be fun introductions to meets. They are meant for any swimmer from novice to those with up to 2 B times. The summer special meets #1 and 2 do not require prior sign-up, but we appreciate it if you click “edit commitment” button under each and let us know if you plan on showing up. Summer special meet #3 on Aug 4th is a little different, and we would like you to commit by July 27th.


The MRA AB Meet begins Friday, with the 12-U 400 free and 11-O 800 free. - continues Sat -Sun with 12&U's in the AM and 13&O's in the PM.

This meet is at Granite Hills High School - please park in the north parking lot - just off of Madison Ave.

Please arrive at the pool by the following times:

Fri: 3:45 pm Sat/Sun 12-U: 7:15 a.m. Sat/Sun 13-O 11:20 a.m.

The psyche sheet as well as a detailed estimated timeline are available on the website.


The Junior Olympics is just 3 weeks away. Swimmers can still make qualifying times this weekend and at the Cal State Games on the 14th. We will also be using times from these meets to determine relays for JO's.


Next Friday afternoon (7-13), since we're running a summer-special meet at the Kroc center, there will be no afternoon practice. (There will be a.m. practice at GHHS for level 2-5).

That s all for now!

Coach Dave