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TAHOE Meet Info

Thank you for registering your child for the Tahoe meet. It looks like RENO will have a great turnout with 25 swimmers! Attached is the psych sheet and a notice about parking at the facility. RENO has also been assigned timing chairs throughout the weekend. Click here to sign-up.

I have not seen a timeline for the meet yet, but I am trying to track one down. If I receive it, I will send it out. 

The meet start times differ each session; please be aware. In addition, the sessions flip-flop on Saturday and Sunday. Based on the meet sheet, here are the start times I know for sure… 

Friday Session – Warm-ups from 2:00 – 2:45 PM; meet starts at 3:00 PM

Saturday AM Session (11 and up) – Warm-ups from 7:15 – 8:15 AM; meet starts at 8:30 AM

Saturday PM Session (10 and under) – TBD (warm-ups at the confusion of the AM session)

Sunday PM Session (10 and under) – Warm-ups from 7:45 – 8:45 AM; meet starts at 9:00 AM AM

Sunday PM Session (11 and over) – TBD (warm-ups at the confusion of the AM session)

This meet will not have warm-up or warm-down available outside of the general warm-up times. It is crucial that the swimmers are ready to get in the water right when the pool opens, so they can get a full warm-up. It is also important for the swimmers to be ready to go before their events. They should do 2-3 minutes of jump jacks/easy running to elevate their heart rate, so they are ready to go. 

Here’s who will be at the meet from the RENO coaching staff:

Friday: Coach Emma

Saturday: Coach Erin

Sunday AM: Coach Erin

Sunday PM: Coach Susan

Have a great meet and swim fast!

Psych Sheet

Parking Notice