Congrats RMAV 2018 Junior Olympics LCM Swimmers!

The following 39 Rocklin Mavericks swimmers competed in the 2018 Bill Rose Classic Junior Olympic Long Course Meters Swim Meet on July 19-22, 2018 in Roseville, CA:

Arina Aloian, Jaden Arnold, Konnor Arnold, Taylor Aubry, Arun Beckhorn, Savanna Bonge, John Burns, Kyra Burns, Nico Busalacchi, Kelsey Campbell, Jesse Carter, Mark Centeno, Rachel Colbus, Callie Costa, Lauren Costa, Erin Crawford, Brooke Dingle, Jada Duncan, Hunter Forsyth, Charvi Gangavarapu, Kayla Gold, Landrey Gold, Vanessa Hill, Isaac Ionescu, James, Ionescu, Christian Irby, Camryn Jackson, Nolan Johnson, Rachelle Karunanayake, Lily Pascalau, Faith Reynolds, Elijah Roberts, Jonah Smith, Masha Tkachev, Mathew Tkachev, Timothy Tkachev, Blair Whittington, Leah Winter, and Camden Winton.

Qualifying for this meet is a huge accomplishment! This meet showcases the fastest swimmers in Sierra Nevada Swimming, a local swimming committee made up of over 60 teams! Thank you to everyone who swam on a relay and came back to cheer on your teammates during finals! The Rocklin Mavericks placed 12th overall. The Mavericks swam 176 individual races and had 124 best times!  Mathew Tkachev, Nico Busalacchi, Brooke Dingle and Kyra Burns swam new Far Western Qualifying times.  Jada Duncan tied a meet record and earned the 11-12 Girls 2nd place high point award.  Jada Duncan, Camryn Jackson and Kyra Burns qualified for the Age Group Western Zone Team.  The Western Zone meet is an all star meet for Sierra Nevada Swimming with 14 states and 18 LSCs represented at this meet!  This meet will be held at the Roseville Aquatics Complex from August 8-12. Please congratulate all the swimmers for their great accomplishments!

Thursday Finalists: Kyra Burns (200 (6th place) and 1500 free (4th place)), Nico Busalacchi (100 breast (9th place)), Brooke Dingle (200 (7th place) and 1500  free(7th place)), Jada Duncan (100 fly(1st place) and 50 back(1st place), Vanessa Hill (100 fly (9th place)), Camryn Jackson (200 free (8th place)), Rachelle Karunanayake (200 breast (6th place)), Mathew Tkachev (200 breast (7th place))

Friday Finalists: Nico Busalacchi (100 free (8th place), 50 back (7th place))  Jada Duncan (100 free (1st place),  50 fly (1st place, tied meet record) Christian Irby (200 back (8th place)), Camryn Jackson (50 back (2nd place))

Saturday Finalists: Jaden Arnold (400 free (8th place)), Arun Beckhorn (400 free (8th place)), John Burns (50 back (8th place) and 50 fly(8th place)), Kyra Burns ( 800 free (4th place), 400 free (3rd place, new Western Zone Q time!), Nico Busalacchi (50 breast (9th place) and 100 back(7th place)), Brooke Dingle (800 free (7th place), 400 free (7th place)), Jada Duncan (100 back (1st place)), Kayla Gold (100 free (8th place), 50 back (8th place), Camryn Jackson (100 back  (4th place)), Mathew Tkachev (50 breast 5th place)), Blair Whittington (100 free (9th place) and 50 back (7th place))

Sunday Finalists: Kyra Burns (200 fly (6th place)), Jada Duncan (50 free (1st place)), Rachelle Karunanayake (200 IM (8th place)), Mathew Tkachev (100 breast (6th place)), Blair Whittington (50 fly (1st place) and 50 free (8th place))

Top 8 Relay Finishes:

10 & under Girls 200 Medley Relay- Camryn Jackson, Masha Tkachev, Jesse Carter, Callie Costa (6th place)

10 & under Boys 200 Medley Relay- John Burns, Jaden Arnold, Nico Busalacchi, and Konnor Arnold (5th place)

10 & under Girls 200 Free Relay- Camryn Jackson, Masha Tkachev, Jesse Carter, Callie Costa ( 6th place)

10 & under Boys- Jaden Arnold, Nico Busalacchi, John Burns, Konnor Arnold ( 8th place)

11-12 Boys 400 Free Relay- Arun Beckhorn, Mathew Tkachev, Jonah Smith, Mark Centeno ( 5th place)

11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay- Arun Beckhorn, Mathew Tkachev, Jonah Smith, Mark Centeno ( 7th place)

11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay- Arun Beckhorn, Mathew Tkachev, Jonah Smith, Mark Centeno ( 4th place)

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay- Arina Aloian, Leah Winter, Jada Duncan, Kyra Burns (5th place)

11-12 Girls 400 Free Relay- Brooke Dingle, Landrey Gold, Kyra Burns, Jada Duncan (7th place)

Swimmers with 100% best times:

Arina Aloian

Rachel Colbus

Lauren Costa

Jada Duncan

Jonah Smith

Masha Tkachev

Leah Winter

Camden Winton

Updated Team Records

Congratulations to Kayla Gold, John Burns, Kyra Burns, Jada Duncan, Arun Beckhorn, Mathew Tkachev, Haley Zelen, Lauren Costa, and Rachelle Karunanayake for your 2018 Long Course Records!