7/25 NEWS

REVISED End of the Season Celebration Date moved to Wednesday, August 1st.  

A few things as we wrap up our season:

1.  The District meet warm up times are scheduled for Friday at 5pm, Saturday and Sunday at 7am (we will know our specific times for Saturday & Sunday when we get to the pool on Friday). 
2.  End of the Season Celebration with meet awards from John Day & the District Meet and our overall team awards is scheduled for Monday, July 30th at 530pm at the pool park. This is such a fun event to finish our season. We need each family to bring an appetizer and/or large salad so we can feed our swimmers & families. 
3.  We have a can drive scheduled for Sunday, August 5th at 1pm at Chesters. Its full and we need to clean it out so we can collect more cans during Fair. 
4.  We will place our can/bottle bins around the Fairgrounds during Fair IF WE HAVE FAMILIES TO MAKE SCHEDULED PICKUPS. Contact Heather at 541-390-5790 to schedule a time. 
5.  The City Council in John Day approved a feasibility study for a new aquatics/wellness center last night. It was very apparent that they believe in the idea of trying to get a new pool/recreation facility, so this study will help determine if its possible including location, size, costs, and other variables. Stay tuned as this project progresses because we will definitely need the support of our swim team families with this much needed project. 
Thanks to each & every one of our families for your commitment to our team!
Haley Walker