Timelines/ Champs letter from RV


Timelines for Champs:

July 26, 2018 

Raccoon Valley is excited to host your Club at the 2018 Suburban Swim League Championships this Saturday, July 28 th at GCIT. A few important notes and reminders:

1.      Please NO horns, cowbells, or any other noise maker in the facility – either on the deck or in the stands. We were at Peach Bowl on Tuesday evening at GCIT and there were several false starts due to the noise. We very much want to limit the risk of false starts so we are asking that team and spectators refrain from using these items.   We will also have signs reminding all spectators to respect quiet at the start.  Again, this is important so all swimmers can hear the starter. Please remind your teams and parents of the importance of this.

2.      We will be having a set-up/walkthrough at the GCIT facility Friday evening 7/27 between the hours of 5:00pm-7:00pm.  SSA Reps/coaches are free to come and hang banners or bring any items down to the team area. I believe SSA folks will be coming to set up and test equipment. Please remember it will be very crowded on deck so please limit the items you bring to necessities only.

3.   Parking by the back entrance is reserved for Head Coach, SSA Reps, SSA Board Members and Officials. 

4.      Staging the swimmers, especially for the afternoon session, will, of course, be quite a task. We ask that you assign one of your team parents to make sure your swimmers are organized in your team area and walked over as a group to the designated staging area. We will have people walking around with signs indicating what events are staging. The more organized each team is in grouping and sending their swimmers, the smoother the staging process will run. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation with this effort.

5.      Please remember to send your list of coaches and volunteers to Dana Warner no later than Thursday 7/26 to ensure entry to the deck.  We realize we won’t have names for the SSA worker assignments but we will be ticking off the # of people per team to ensure we don’t have more people than needed on the deck – it will be very crowded and hot so we need to do all we can to limit the numbers down there. If you are swapping out for someone during the session, just come to the worker table, and we will facilitate the swap out. 

 6. For those leaving after the morning session, you will be required to exit out of the back of GCIT towards the Bankbridge School. The Tanyard Road entrance/exit will be reserved for those arriving for the afternoon session.

7.     Reminder there is NO ATM on site for the meet. Cash only for admissions and concessions. Apparel vendors will take credit cards.    Thank you for sharing this information with all interested parties at your Club.  

We are looking forward to a fun and successful Championship Meet!


Raccoon Valley 2018 SSA Planning Committee