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FAST Takes 2nd at the Age Group State Championship!

Your FAST Tigers were back in action over the weekend at the Indiana Age Group State Championship at the Indiana University Natatorium. The work your athletes have put into the water this season was certainly evident as a staggering number of lifetime best swims were earned.

At the Indiana Age Group State Championship, FAST athletes raced to 81 lifetime best swims. As a team, FAST finished as the 2nd Place Indiana Age Group State Team Championship, in the Boys 13-14 age group and our FAST boys were the champions! Earning lifetime bests at the Age Group State Championship were: Kalli Agapios (2), Logan Ayres (3), Reed Beaumont (8), Dan Bennett (1), Addison Carlile (4), Austin Carlile (1), Connor Carlile (4), Alex Garcia (5), Louie Henderson (6), Taichi Kataoka (5), Diane Koo (3), Kate Mouser (7), Jessica Patrick (4), Kyle Ponsler (6), Frankie Ramey (3), JoJo Ramey (3), Lydia Reade (2), Ben Russell (1), Tyler Schwertfeger (7), James Stasey (2), Avery Stein (2), and Kevin Zhang (2).

Special thanks go out to all our relay only swimmers and alternates including: AJ Adams, Lucas Beaulieu, Allon Bluvshetyn, Lisa Bradford, Keaton Chop, Addy Fought, Marcus Fudge, Rachel Garcia, Victor Herbert, Tommy Johanneman, Diego Kitazuka, Alex Koo, Hagen Lee, Hudson Lee, Ethan Mai, Thomas Miller, Megan Mybeck, Tommy Mybeck, Konstanty Nowacki, Mia Parker, Emma Schumacher, Delaney Wilson, Mia Wilson, Emily Wolf, and Ashley Wyatt.

Special congratulations go out to the following swimmers for their podium finishes (Top 8) at the Age Group State Meet, including: Reed Beaumont (B 13-14; 400 IM - 5th, 100 Breast - 6th, 200 IM - 5th, and 200 Breast - 3rd); Addision Carlile (G 10&U; 100 Free – 7th, 100 Back – 3rd, 50 Free – 6th, 50 Back -  2nd, and 100 Fly – 3rd); Connor Carlile (B 13-14; 1500 Free – 8th); Alex Garcia (B 13-14; 100 Breast – 8th and 200 Breast – 6th); Kate Mouser (G 13-14; 200 Breast – 2nd); Kyle Ponsler (B 13-14; 1500 Free – 1st, 400 IM – 1st, 400 Free – 1st, 200 IM – 1st, 800 Free – 1st, and 200 Back – 3rd); Frankie Ramey (G 10&U; 50 Breast – 5th, 200 IM – 7th, and 100 Breast – 5th); JoJo Ramey (G 13-14; 400 IM – 3rd, 400 Free – 4th, 100 Back – 6th, 200 IM – 4th, and 200 Back – 2nd); Lydia Reade (G 13-14; 400 IM – 2nd, 100 Breast – 4th, 200 IM – 3rd, and 1500 Free – 3rd); Tyler Schwertfeger (B 13-14; 1500 Free – 4th; 400 Free – 3rd, 800 Free – 6th, and 200 Free – 1st); and Kevin Zhang (B 10&U; 50 Breast – 7th). Way to go, Tigers!

FAST athletes also had multiple podium finishes with our relays. Top 8 relay teams included the 3rd place Girls 13-14 400 Medley (JoJo Ramey, Lydia Reade, Jessica Patrick, and Kate Mouser), the 2nd place Boys 13-14 400 Medley (Kyle Ponsler, Reed Beaumont, Connor Carlile, and Tyler Schwertfeger), the 4th place Girls 13-14 200 Medley (Kalli Agapios, Jessica Patrick, JoJo Ramey, and Kate Mouser), the 3rd place Boys 200 Medley (Logan Ayres, Reed Beaumont, Kyle Ponsler, and Tyler Schwertfeger), the 5th place Girls 10 & Under 200 Medley (Addision Carlile, Frankie Ramey, Emma Schwertfeger, and Addy Fought), the 5th place Boys 10 & Under 200 Medley (Austin Carlile, Kevin Zhang, Tommy Mybeck, and Alex Koo), the 4th place Boys 13-14 200 Free (James Stasey, Reed Beaumont, Tyler Schwertfeger, and Kyle Ponsler), the 4th place Girls 200 Medley (JoJo Ramey, Lydia Reade, Jessica Patrick, and Kate Mouser), the 3rd place Boys 13-14 400 Free (Tyler Schwertfeger, Reed Beaumont, Logan Ayres, and Kyle Ponsler), the 4th place Girls 10 & Under 200 Free (Frankie Ramey, Emily Wolf, Emma Schwertfeger, and Addision Carlile) and the 7th place Boys 10 & Under 200 Free (Kevin Zhang, Alex Koo, Tommy Mybeck, and Austin Carlile). And, a special shout out to Kyle Ponsler, who earned the Boys 13-14 High Point Award! Amazing job, Tigers!

What a weekend! We are so proud of your athletes for the efforts they put into this past weekend's Age Group State Championship. Thank you to all who contributed to this weekend's successes. Great job, Tigers!

It was indeed a great weekend of racing and we are excited to see what our athletes do this coming weekend as they race at NCSA Juniors, Speedo Juniors, Central Zones, Futures, and the Age Group Divisional Championship. We look forward to seeing what the future holds as you reach your goals… and set new ones!

Tiger Up!