Goal Setting Worksheet

Hi All,

Blue Wave had a great long course season. As we turn our attention to the upcoming short course season, there is much to do to ensure an even better season for our valued members. Toward that end, we have put together a goal setting worksheet (link below). This is geared for our Gold / National Development swimmers and higher, but Bronze and Silver level swimmers may opt complete the form as well. All results will be forward to each members primary training group coach for review.

In one section, I ask the Gold & higher level swimmers to enter their best time for a 100 of each stroke. I ask that the time be in the conforming course for the upcoming season. As of today, that would be short course. We want to use these times so we can best prescribe training paces throughout the course of the season. There is a small problem here.

Many of our swimmers swam relatively faster long course times this summer. If the swimmer enters last season's best short course time, we will not have accurate data to help make those time prescriptions for each energy zone. The workaround is this past season's long course times should be converted and compared with the athlete's best short course time. The faster of the two should be put in the goal setting worksheet.

Here is a link to a times conversion utility:

Here is the link to the online goal setting questionnaire:

Information is very powerful. The more information we have for each swimmer, the better job we can do helping him or her reach their goals and potential. This will only take a few minutes to complete. Thanks in advance for your help here.

See you at the pool - Rich