Can you believe we are ready for another Awesome year with the GTBY Breakers team? We are pumped and ready to start back the day after school begins but before that we must get your swimmers registered!!

Please, please,  read thru this entire document.

registration begins for:

RETURNING SWIMMERS, from 2017-18 season- tomorrow at 9:00 am and all registrations must be done in person at WEST YMCA. (Girls highschool swimmers, please register & pay for annual team fee so we can set up USA registrations in SEPT, please select billing to begin when you return as well and get on our rosters.)

NEW SWIMMER REGISTRATION-tryouts/evaluations Wednesday9-11 am & Thursday 5-7 pm at WEST



Your swimmer(s) name(s) will be on the master list in the BIG BLACK BINDER at the YMCA. (If for any reason it is not, or your concerned about placement -please email me ASAP Kathy a message with front desk or call 231-346-4969 and also leave a message- I will take care of it asap.



You will receive an orange folder with several documents enclosed.

1.       YMCA registration forms -if for any reason your swimmers’ membership status needs to be updated-ALL BREAKERS SWIMMERS HAVE TO BE YMCA MEMBERS

2.       TEAM registration form-swimmer info & costs such as: group$(variable), annual team fee of $100 team fee per swimmer (includes USA Swim registration/team shirt/team cap/home meet entry fees)

3.       Concussion form-acknowledgement and signature

4.       Fundraising and Volunteer commitment form-acknowledgement and signature

(The last 3 documents will be placed in a master book and remain in my possession in the aquatics office)

The orange folder that you will take home contains the following info:

  • ·         Dates for mandatory parent meetings, September 6th or September 13th,6 pm (choose one) All groups will swim at WEST on these days from 6:00-6:45
  • ·         Practice schedule
  • ·         TENTATIVE meet schedule (please note: all meets are tentative until we get confirmation from meet host-regarding our entries, as some meets are like getting into the M22 challenge-not kidding!)
  • tutorial on how to register your swimmers on team unify so you can be updated for the 2018-19, THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE EVERY YEAR!

When you are signing up your swimmer, please note that we have set up invoicing thru MAY of 2019.

Any stoppage of team participation, will be honored only if:

A.      You stop payments, done at the front desk, by filling out a stoppage in programming form 30 days in advance.  (This is a YMCA policy and you will not receive a refund  if its under 30 days- even if your swimmer did not swim for that month.)

B.      Inform Kathy of the stoppage- I will not deal with $$ & invoicing, however.

Scenario examples:

1.       If you know that your swimmer will swim Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec, but not return until March, please do not have the YMCA membership desk check those gap months at initial registration for billable months .

2.       If you know your swimmer is swimming Sept-March , then please do not schedule bank drafts for April and May. 

3.       I am sorry, but I cannot manage your banking and nor is the YMCA front desk responsible for that either.

4.       If your child comes to practice and is not on our rosters, we will add them & you will be billed for and responsible for those payments.

(thank you very much for your understanding on above policy)


With USA Clinics, Breakout Tour Swim Clinic on September 16th, we are bringing  3 time Olympian Elizabeth Beisel to Traverse City!! (more on her AND clinic -later in the week!) SPACE IS LIMITED TO 40 FOR RED AND WHITE GROUPS AND 50 FOR BLUE & SR GROUPS.  It will be a day the kids will never forget!

  • Register for this clinic beginning tomorrow  as well!
  • Red and White groups $30 1 hour swimming, 1 hour motivational talk, autographs and photos
  • Motivational talk -FREE for all parents and I want you there!!:)
  • Blue I, Blue II and Senior groups $60 , motivational talk and 2 ½ hours of water time! autographs and photos
  • We will be offering a special intimate VIP dinner, limited SEATING! Details coming!
  • Want to sponsor the clinic? Details coming! (silver level up to $499 gold level $500 and above) or contact Coach Kathy

I will be at registration from 9-12:00 noon tomorrow. If you have any questions, as always please find me or reach out!