Welcome SC 2018-19

Hello All, 

Please allow me to welcome you to our Short Course 18-19 season! We are very excited to get started and have some important information to share with you starting with some important dates you should note. 
Important dates to know 

Eval #2 8/21 6:00 pm

(Optional) Pre-season Platinum/Senior MWR Start 8/20

Bronze/Silver On Ramp 8/30 5-6 pm

Regular Season start 9/4

Mini-Rays Start 9/5

Eval #3 9/7 5:30 pm

Team Open House 9/7 6 pm

Team suit fitting/ Gear sale 9/7

On Ramp - If you are a Bronze/Silver swimmer that did NOT swim with us last year we hope you will attend the On Ramp session Thursday, August 30 from 5:00-6:00 pm at Saline High School.  This event is for all new Bronze and Silver swimmers and is a great opportunity for members of these groups to meet their teammates, coaches, and get in the pool for a short introductory practice.  During their time in the water, swimmers will get a basic overview of common drills they will work on when practice begins in order to help familiarize themselves with terminology in a small group setting.  They will also be introduced to competitive swimming basics such as: circle swimming, reading the pace clock, and team uniform expectations.  Parents- we encourage you to come along as well as we will be able to answer any questions you may have during this time!
Senior/ Platinum -  Pre Season (Optional) training begins 8/20. First official practice will be 9/4 at SHS, see schedule for more details.   
Gold - First day of practice will be 9/4, see schedule for more details. 
Silver/Bronze - First official day of practice will be 9/5, see schedule for more details.
Mini-Rays - Swimmers should attend their assigned group starting 9/5 at the time listed in the week Ahead. Mini-Rays do NOT need to attend the On Ramp sessions.
Also attached, please find the schedule outline, note that this is an outline, we will follow it as closely as we can but there will be weekly adjustments. These adjustments will be communicated in the Week Ahead Email that is sent each week the Week Ahead supersedes the outline. Please find the Preseason and first two week's Week Ahead attached, as always note the highlighted sections. 
You can find additional resources on our website at the link below (see links at the top of the page) 
As always if you have any questions please let me know. 
See you soon! Go SST!