Welcome to the new season

Hi All:

Your CAST News,

Welcome to a new season!

  • In the coming weeks keep your eyes and ears open for multiple announcements.
  • If your swimmer misses any practices, comes in late or has to leave early, have them double check with their coach to make sure they haven't missed any handouts or announcements.
  • The first week or two of the season always has an influx of new swimmers, and returnees who might have been out for a while.
  • Some families are still on vacation. Most schools have started – but not all.
  • This sometimes adds excitement, but also adds a little turmoil to things.
  • Be patient. Things will settle in before you know it.


  • There is a schedule online that currently goes through next week.
  • The full September schedule will be out sometime next week.

Move -ups:

  • Some swimmers will be moving levels.
  • We’ll be talking to swimmers today and the first couple days next week about moving to different levels.
  • If your swimmer has a concern regarding move ups have them talk to their coach. 
  • We may be a little more lenient in moving swimmers than we will be later in the year because it is easier at the season start.  Since all groups start out with less intensity, it is easier to make those transitions now.

This Saturday: August 25th

  • Cowles Mtn – fun hike.
  • Families welcome.
  • Be there ready to go at 7:30 am.
  • Bring water bottles.
  • Meet in the small parking lot on the northeast corner of Golfcrest and Navajo.

Next Saturday: September 1st

  • Beach Practice La Jolla Shores – 7:30-9:30 am. Similar to previous years. I will have more info next week.

Meet Schedule:

  • Meets have been posted online through December.
  • The rest of the season will be posted sometime next week.

USA Swimming registration:

  • There will be information coming home to you next week about USA swimming registrations for the upcoming year.

Coach Dave’s Contact Information

  • e-mail:
  • Cell: 619-997-7946 if you call and I don’t pick up, hang up and then send me a txt.

See you on the pool deck.

That's all for now.

Jen Davies