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Your CAST News:

F.I.R.S.T Meet Saturday September 22nd 

  • For any swimmers who haven't been in a USA sanctioned meet yet (the summer-special meets are not sanctioned meets)
  • We encourage you to sign up for the Sept 22nd FIRST meet. [Must be a USA swimming registered swimmer]
  • Space is limited - we have 4 spaces left - go online  HERE  click on the attend/decline button in the right corner, click on your swimmer's name, select yes or no and then click "save changes".  
  • Questions: email coach Dave  [email protected]
  • WHY sign up?
    1. It's a great introduction to what a swim meet is like.
    2. It's only freestyle (50 and 100 for 9 and olders, a 25 is offered for 8 & u's).
    3. There is a swimmer education segment and a parent education segment before the meet.
    4. It's free! YAAAY!!!

USA swimming registration

  • 3 kinds of membership now.
    1. Flex membership
      • First time registrants only
      • It allows you to swim for a year and compete in up to 2 non-championship meets.
      • If you continue, you must upgrade to a regular membership prior to your 3rd meet or a championship level meet.
      • Perfect for those who want to try swim for 3-4 months in between other school sports.
    2. Regular membership
    3. Outreach 
      • Normal membership but is discounted greatly for swimmers who qualify
        • Need to be lower income qualifying for free school lunch program.
  • All 3 forms can be found HERE on our CAST website.
  • Remember if you were a "summer special" swimmer, your registration was a seasonal membership only, and is now expired. You now need to renew your membership.
  • Current list of CAST USA swimmer registration is  HERE .

Freestyle festival Saturday Sept 29th

  • Definitely for all swimmers who've been in meets before.
  • For those who haven't been in a meet - double check with your coach but in general if you've been on the team for more than a month this meet is a good one for you.
  • Fees are $5 surcharge + $4.50 / event
  • You just need to commit to the meet and your coach will then pick your events and your account will be charged.
  • Make sure you commit by the 19th.

Annual CAST Banquet September 30th

    • It was brought to the board and coaches attention that there is a large dance recital event going on the same time we had previously scheduled our banquet.
    • It means the courtyard, banquet room and theater would be full of dancers.
    • So we opted to bump it up a week to September 30th. 4-7 pm.
    • Cost is $10/person (eating) 
    • $2/ person if not eating
    • There will be a sign up page on our website by Friday night (9/7).
    • All swimmers and family members are encouraged to attend.
    • Come for food / fun / raffles / giveaways / awards and just to see howawesome our CAST kids are!
    • Please bring Coach Dave your photos and videos from the past year.
      • He is starting to work on banquet video stuff.
      • Files can be put on cd's/ DVD's' /flash drives or memory cards.

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