New Parent Swim Meet 101

This Sunday, NBAC will take part in its first swim meet of the season, The NBAC/MAC 10 & Under Pentathlon Meet.

For many of our swimmers and their parents this may be the first time they are taking part in a swim meet. It can be a little overwhelming and at times confusing for everyone, but that’s okay! Here are a few Swim Meet 101s to help your swimmer have fun and survive their first meet.

Have Fun!

  • Swimmers sit on deck with their teammates. You may want to bring a card game, Legos or some coloring books and share the experience with your swim friends. BUT, remember, NO iPads, video games, or other electronic devices - you are there to swim, you don’t miss your event because you focused on the “extra stuff.” These meets are why you swam all those laps at practice.

Ask Questions

  • NBAC’s coaches are here to help your swimmer. Before a race, coaches may talk to swimmers and give them suggestions. After the race, coaches will talk with your swimmer about what went well, what they could have improved upon, and what the swimmer thought about the race. Also, let your swimmer know to look to their teammates, many have older siblings who swim and are familiar with how meets operate.

Celebrate Your Swims

  • Whether you won your heat, won the race, or were disqualified, you will learn something from the experience. Be supportive and cheer your teammates on. Yell – really loud with your friends and for your team – it’s the one time the coaches won’t mind if you’re being loud.

Go to Bed Early and Eat Well

  • It may be hard to go to bed the night before a meet, but try to get a good night’s sleep. You will want to be well-rested, because you will be getting up early for warm-ups. The morning of the meet, be sure to eat breakfast. It will provide you with that first bit of “fuel” you will need. Make sure to pack snacks for during the meet, but stick with items you have eaten before. Race day is not the time to try something new, and trust us, your swimmer will get hungry on deck.

Be Prepared and Pack Smart

  • Have your swimmer pack their bag the night before the meet. Make sure they have their meet suit (if they are changing at the pool), a towel, two pairs of goggles, two caps (white NBAC competition cap), a drink (water/Gatorade), snacks (e.g. Goldfish, pretzels, cheese sticks, fruit, etc.), a chair to sit in, and make sure they are wearing their assigned meet shirt (provided during Team Day 2018). Swimmers should wear these shirts to the meet and during the pizza party and medal celebration.

During the meet, swimmers will sit on deck with their team and coaches, while parents will be in the stands cheering. This is a fun introduction to year-round swimming for both the swimmer and parent. There’s no pressure for swimmers, and it gives parents a chance to get to know one another. Have fun and enjoy watching your children give it their all.