A Word from Coach Josue

Hello all my PVAC Frogs!!!!

WE have been having a great year so far.  For those who have braved the cold months, Thank You.  For those coming back, Welcome Back.  And for those who are New, Welcome on board.

We are coming to the end of the long course season and it is an exciting time.  I know school will be done soon and for many of you, the beach junior lifeguard program will be a great way to enjoy that California sun. 

It’s been a tough road to get to this point and we want to continue our frog momentum into the end of the summer season.  Continue to make workouts.  Continue to make the swim meets.  We will only have about 2 more meets before our grand championship.  It is the goal of the coaching staff to be as competitive as possible at this championship.  This championship occurs on July 16-18, 2010.

 If we are to be competitive at this meet, we need as many PVAC swimmers as possible to attend this meet.  This is our chance to make points for our team and we can not do this without your participation.  You can make a difference by swimming hard.  You can make a difference by attending and making it possible to have relays.  You can show our swimming community how hard PVAC swimmers work by shinning at this meet and this all starts by making workouts and signing up for the meets.  Remember, swimmers can make points for the team by placing in the top 8, in their event regardless of blue, red, or white times.

I’d like to congratulate our High School swimmers.  They had a great season.  Great Job.  Keep it up.

I hope to see you all on deck and if you notice a friend not there, remind them, Frogs need the water.  So COMEBACK!!!!

Coach Josue