Meet Recap: Sage Pentathlon

Sage Pentathlon 2018

The Sage Pentathlon was a great first meet of the season!

This meet came up quickly, but it allowed us to get a "baseline" as to where we are at with our strengths, and where we need to improve each day at practice. Getting a personal best time is awesome, but do not be discouraged if you do not get a best time at the first couple of meets you attend—it’s all about putting in the practice time and getting back into shape.

Congratulations to our Rookies who experienced their very first meet; we hope you and your families enjoyed it! Congrats also to our Veterans who challenged themselves by swimming some distance events.

Everyone did a good job cheering for one another and being on deck in time for their events during this fast-paced meet. All in all, great first meet and we look forward to an exciting season.