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RENO News - 10/8/2018

I hope everyone had a great fall break! Please read through this email for important Reno Aquatic Club news. 

King of the Hill

This year’s King of the Hill now has the most swimmers ever. We are currently at 475+ swimmers for the entire meet with 78 coming from RENO. The coaching staff is looking forward to a great meet.

More information about the meet will be emailed next week. In addition, many of our swimmers will be competing in a swim meet for the first time. Next week's "Parent Education" will be a "Swim Meet 101" to help new parents and swimmers. 

Only Saturday’s sessions are still open for registration. If you have yet to register, the deadline is Wednesday at midnight via SwimConnection.

Volunteers Needed for Meet

RENO’s meets would not be successful without the help of our parent volunteers. If you have yet to register to volunteer or donate items, please click the links below. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

To sign-up to help, please click here

To donate items for the meet, please click here

Parent Education

Over the weekend, I was going through a box with some old swim memorabilia. I came across a handout that the RENO coaching staff gave out during the mid-90s. It is entitled “Guidelines for Parents of Competitive Swimmers.” 

In 1991, an Australian study researched the parental behavior of 71 elite Australian and American. They discovered a common theme among these elite athletes: certain parental behavior helped cultivate success. The study concluded that there were ten common “DOs” and “DON”Ts” that helped these athletes reach the highest level of the sport.

Although this study/handout was from 27 years ago it is still very applicable today.


- Congratulate your child when he/she swims well.

- Encourage you child when he/she doesn’t swim well.

- Provide your child with necessary transportation to train and compete.

- Adjust meal times to suit your child’s training schedule.

- Show an interest in your child’s swimming but don’t become obsessed with it.

- Allow your child to make decisions regarding his/her participation in competitive swimming.

- Support your child’s efforts through attending local swim meets but let him/her participate in team travel when it is offered – team travel allows your child to grow as a swimmer and individual. 

- Provide your child with the necessary financial support required for training and competing.

- Be aware of your child’s feelings (examples: tiredness, nervousness, self-esteem levels, etc.) and show him/her, through your actions, that you are aware of these.

- Be willing to make personal sacrifices with no return expectations.


- Don’t judge your child by his/her achievement.

- Don’t put down the child’s coach – if you cannot support the coach, find one that you can.

- Don’t watch workouts/training sessions.

- Don’t prevent your child from developing other interests and attending activities outside of swimming.

- Don’t show disappointment after your child has a poor swim.

- Don’t critique good or bad performances – the coach will do that.

- Don’t compare your child to other swimmers.

- Don’t push your child to train harder.

- Don’t put pressure on your child when he or she is getting ready to race.

- Don’t push your child to excel – it must come from within him/her for lasting satisfaction,

Remember, the above parent behavior was common among the 71 elite swimmers. These swimmers were multiple Olympic gold medalists and world record holders. They would not have achieved their success without the positive influence from their parents.

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website. Click here to read the archived articles.

We Need More Officials

If you have an interest in becoming more involved with your child’s swimming, I strongly encourage you to become an official. You do not have to have any swim experience. We are lucky to have a great training situation in Northern Nevada, and they will teach you everything you need to know.

Being an official helps you satisfy RENO’s volunteer requirements plus you get a front-row seat and free food at swim meets!

There will be a clinic for new/interested officials in Reno on Saturday, October 27 from 9 AM – 12 PM.     Please click here for more information

Meet Schedule

Here are the rest of the meets for 2018:

  • October 19 - 21 – RENO's King of the Hill / Carson City, NV
  • November 9 - 12 – Nevada State Championship / Henderson, NV
  • December 5 - 9 -- Junior Nationals / Austin, TX
  • December 15 – RENO Intrasquad Meet and Christmas Party / Northwest Pool

Parent/Alumni Party

On the evening of December 15, RENO will hold its annual parent party. This year’s event will take place at the Renaissance in downtown. We will also be opening the party up to alumni (swimmers and parents). Click here to RSVP.  It is going to be a fun event! 

Nevada State Meet

The State Championships is quickly approaching. It will take place in Henderson November 9 – 12.  We would like to see a big showing for RENO at the meet! Swimmers do need to meet the qualifying time standards to participate.     Click here for the State cuts

The meet information is still not posted. I will send it out when it is available.

Hotel Block for State

RENO has secured a hotel block for State. We have 25 rooms available at the Best Western Plus (1553 N Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV). The rate is $99 plus tax per night. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast buffet and it is close to the pool.

To book a room under this rate, please call the hotel directly (702 564-9200) and mention you are with Reno Aquatic Club.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach