Weekly Digest 10-11

 Hi All,

Your CAST news:

CAST Hosted Pentathlon & Senior Meet Oct 13th & 14th

  • Meet information and Psyche sheets are available HERE
  • Warm Up/Show up 
    • Both days all swimmer 6:45am
  • Service Jobs/Volunteering
    • There are still many jobs that need to be filled. 
    • Only about a total of 30 CAST swimmer swimming this weekend but CAST needs a full team effort to pull off hosting a meet.
    • Please sign up to help out and also to fulfill your CAST service credit requirement.
      • There is only this weekend and a single day C meet in January that CAST is hosting. These will be the only 2 opportunities to fulfill that obligation without be charged for the service credits.
    • Below are the basics of this season's service credit protocol. The full protocol will hopefully be posted soon.
    • Jobs may also be filled by student or scouts that are looking to fulfill their service hours obligation.

Short Course Season Service Credit Requirements (in short)

  • Cast Hosted Meets
    • Novice
      • 3 hours
    • Levels 1-2 
      • 4 hours
    • Levels 3-4-5
      • 5 hours
  • Non Cast hosted meets
    • Novice
      • 3 hours
    • Levels 1-2
      • 3 hours
    • Levels 3-4-5
      • 4 hours
  • If attending/qualified for championship meet 
    • 1 hour for relay only per meet
    • 3 hours in entered in 3 or more races per meet

B/C Meet October 20th & 21st

  • Commit deadline is tonight. If you get this email late and missed the deadline contact Coach Dave ASAP at

Team Outfitting order

  • Order form is attached and can also be found on the CAST website under events.
  • Download or print the form, fill it out, and send it to Melissa Krafft. Her email is on the form.
  • Then you need to go to the team outfitting event on our website and pay for your items.
  • DEADLINE is October 20th
  • Please note: Parkas can be ordered extra long this year, BUT you must contact Melissa first for the extra price as it varies for the size of parka. 
  • If ordering an extra long parka make a note of that in your email to Melissa and in your payment in the "note" box.

USA Swimming Registration

  • 2019 Sign up reminder
    • all the forms can be found in previous email digests, our website or the SI website.


That's all for now.

Swim fast this weekend kiddos!!!

Jen Davies