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IMPORTANT - Voice Your Support of the New Moana Pool Project

Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics (SNCA) has been working really hard over the last decade. On Wednesday, SNCA will be presenting in front of City Council. They feel they are as close as ever, but Wednesday’s meeting is very significant in making this project a reality.   

Please take a few minutes to send a respectful email to Reno’s City Council and express your support for this project. In January, the aquatics community sent hundreds of emails to Council Members. They commented on the outpouring of support. It’s crucial we have a similar response before Wednesday’s meeting. Below is a message from SNCA, email addresses for Council Members, and more ways you can voice your support.

Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics and a representative from Ballard King (a recreational facilities feasibility study firm) will be presenting at the Reno City Council meeting. Council will be considering a staff recommendation to make the next commitment required to move the development of the Moana Springs Aquatics Complex forward.

Additionally, Council will be presented with the potential impact of the addition of both geothermal and solar resources to the development.  Extensive study of the existing geothermal resource has been completed indicating that significant operating savings are achievable with the use of a geothermal heat exchanger system.  Similarly, calculations of the system cost and electrical savings of a solar array have been prepared.  

When use of the available natural resources is combined with the updated usage projections prepared by Ballard King the result is a facility that will deliver an extremely high cost recovery rate and an operating cost in line with what was provided for years at the old Moana Pool.

We would like your help in providing positive constructive comments reminding the Council Members that new aquatics centers are desperately needed in the Truckee Meadows and that there is a high level of support for a new Moana Pool.  

Please take a few minutes today or tomorrow to provide your thoughts to the Council by one of the following means:

Email the Reno City Council to respectfully request that the Council offer their support for the formal grant funding requests to move the proposed Moana Springs Aquatic Center plans forward. Below are the email addresses for the Mayor, Council, City Manager and Parks and Recreation Director:

Alternatively you can access the  City of Reno Public Comment Form online and provide your input supporting the City in taking the steps necessary to enable the redevelopment of the Moana Springs Pool they will be considering in  Agenda Item J.2..

Complete online public comment 

Finally, you can attend the Wednesday, October 24th City Council Meeting in person at City Hall to show your support.  The item will be heard sometime after 1PM in the 1st Floor Council Chambers in the City of Reno Building at One East First Street.

Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone that may have an interest in seeing the Moana Pool brought back to life!            

Be sure to  Like SNCA on Facebook  and share this request with all your contacts who would benefit from a new Moana Pool.

Your continued support of the need for expanded aquatics facilities in the region is greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions about how you can help e-mail SNCA at or call 775-324-1278.